Friday, February 20, 2009

An Amazing Women

It has been awhile since I have posted, but there is a good reason. On February 11, an amazing women passed away. She was known by many names, teacher, mom, student, friend, memah, and sister. My mom passed away, she was an incredibly strong woman who was always there for me, and I know she will definetly be watching over us from above.

We had a beautiful service to celebrate her life, and I saw many people who cared very much for her including some prior students. It was great to hear all the wonderful stories about how she affected so many lives. I know that she will be deeply missed by many people. I know she will definetly be missed by me, she wasn't just my mom she was one of my best friends. I have been blessed to have such an amazing woman in my life, and can only hope that I am half the mom she was to me to my children.

I love you mom!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

A Day at the Beach!

We had heard that the beach had some really big ice burgs, and you could walk out on what is usually the water, so we decided to check it out. So this afternoon we went out to the beach and the ice was covering a ton of the water. The kids thought it was so cool!! So did Toby and I! We walked all the way out on what is usally the pier, and about half of the pier out in the water. We had a really good time and enjoyed some nice family time!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Wow everyday we make a ton of decisions, what to wear, what to eat, what route to take to work, and the list goes on. But some of those decisions are much bigger than your ordinary every day decisions. Currently we are in the midst of making two of these HUGE decisions. Our first big decision is where to send Jake to preschool. We feel he really needs to go not only for the academics, but the social part as well. He really struggled with Sunday School and this mom can't handle a major meltdown at Kindergarten, cause I won't make him go! We did send Emmah to preschool and LOVED her 3 year old teacher, but last year was not as good, (for multiple reasons). So now we are faced with where to send him, someplace that will work for our schedule, him academically and socially. It is been a challenge, this may be because he is my baby?

Major decision number 2 is what to do about Emmah. She is enjoying Kindergarten, but we feel that she isn't being challenged and more could be done to keep her rolling as well as doing more to help with some of the issues we are having with her ADHD. Working at a charter school has been a very interesting experience and has really changed and shaped my views of what I want for my kids in their education. We did toy with the option of sending her to the school I am at last year, but schedule and ride wise we couldn't make it work. I see the teachers there challenging their kids everyday, with such engaging lessons that we have decided to throw that choice back on the table for next year. I hate to move her after she has made friends and we have discussed some of the downfalls to the charter school, such as less sports (if she chooses to play, classes only up to middle school, and having to make new friends). I am torn, I want her to get the best education possible and achieve all her dreams and a good base education will help her to that.

I think I am going to have to rest my decision in God and have him lead us in the right direction. Feel free to share your thoughts.