Friday, August 8, 2014

Diggin In

Well the process has begun and we have started our dream home! It seems to be going very slowly right now, but I have been told things will really start to move once we have walls...we'll see!
Its so exciting to be doing something that we have always talked about and dreamed about. When you first get married you have all these wonderful ideas of what your future will hold, but things, kids, bills, vacations, weddings, and well life! I never put it out of my mind, but it definitely went to the way back, something I thought was just not going to happen. That was okay, I mean we have 2 great kids, a happy marriage, a roof over our heads and wonderful friends and family to fill up our lives so a dream home is just not on the "must have" list!
Watching this process from the ground up is both exciting and nerve wrecking! 

Kids standing in the hole...strange really.

Basement forms have shown, up and the walls should be poured today...fingers crossed!
Looking forward to all the fun to come with design choices, paint colors, and decorating!!