Thursday, June 25, 2009


I follow the blog ABC and 123, this week's picnic table talk is all about dad's in honor of Father's Day. Well this father's day we didn't do much, he was sick! Big bummer. So I just wanted to share what my kids like doing best with dad!

They love to just play with him! He is such a kid a heart he gets right in there, but still has the patience to teach them too! Some of the games they like to play are Wii games, they are always asking him, not mommy!! I think the greatest activity they will share with their dad is his love for sports! I see it already. Even though Tob was sick and had to miss Emmah's first T-ball game, right before bed he took the time to go to her room and ask her about the game. I hate to admit it but he got far more information than I did in the car when I asked her how she liked it. But that's what makes it special. They sometimes don't show it, and would rather have mommy, but deep down they love their daddy and all he does for them. The fun, the laughs, and even in those tough times the hugs, tears and kisses.

Thanks for being such a great dad Toby!! I couldn't have asked for more in a husband, a friend, and a dad to our kids!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Crazy Kids!!

Okay well we don't usually encourage our children to play with their food, but tonight at dinner, we had Arby's, which of course means curly fries! Anyway as we are eating I look over at Jake and see:

Then of course Emmah does it and says "just like daddy at night!" Well Toby wears BreatheRight strips and they did look a little like daddy, only curly fry style!!

Batter Up!

Emmah has been waiting for years to play T-ball and this year she finally got her chance!! She was so excited, even for practice!! Her team is the Blue Jays, and she is playing with a bunch of her friends from school so that makes it even more fun!

Well last night was the first game. Although she has been asking since their last practice (which was Wed.) when is my game....what time is it at again? Who is coming to watch?? Needless to say Monday was a long day!!!

Emmah couldn't have had more fun at her game! She loved every minute of it, except when some meanie tagged her out at second base!! (Those were her words by the way, and she came back to the bench crying....) She managed to pull herself together to play the rest of the game, but didn't like that part at all. I guess we know what we need to work on. She played Centerfield, and did more nail biting than fielding, but had fun doing it! Now she is hooked for sure....I guess I just doubled the number of games I will be going to in the summer!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away!

I used to like the rain. I love thunderstorms, the sound of rain softly hitting the ground. Every part of it was just plain calming. Well not any more. Now the sound of rain bring fear!! The last 2 nights we have gotten rain. On Thursday night we got about 2.5 inches and we handled that, except we ended up with 2 kids in our bed, and one who wouldn't return to bed. So mom got to sleep in the chair...not very comfortable for night time sleeping just so everyone knows!

Well last night came the motherload...we got about 7.5 inches in a matter of a couple hours. Needless to say, we got a flooded basement. We ended up using a couple of shop vacs to suck up the water and didn't have any furniture ruined. We are going to have to remove all the carpet, some paneling, and maybe fix some foundation walls. But all in all we didn't have it the worst. We are thankful that all our things, and us are safe, we can fix the rest of it. Others weren't so lucky. We will be praying for those less fortunate.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer has just begun!

As the summer starts things start to get crazy! This summer we are going to be busy, but it should be a lot of fun!! To start off the summer Emmah will be playing T-ball for the first time. She is so excited to play, and practice starts tomorrow! Both kids are going to VBS this summer, and taking swimming lessons! This is a first for Jake he hasn't been old enough for either one yet, so he is pumped to go.

Among the usual BBQ's, fireworks, birthday parties, softball games, trips for ice cream, swimming at the pool, and all that fun we are taking our first BIG family vacation. We are headed to Florida, and are going to fly! The kids are super excited to fly on a BIG plane, which should be an interesting adventure for all of us! (The kids don't know it yet, but we are also planning to hit Disney while we are there too!!)

Overall I am really looking forward to making some fun family memories! It will be a little different this summer without my mom, but I know we will get through. We have truly been blessed and for that we are thankful! What are you doing this summer to make memories???