Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Haughting

Halloween is always fun. I mean who doesn't remember going out and asking strangers for candy, and coming home with a bucket full that mom and dad usually didn't let you eat much of! This year was no exception. We had some trouble choosing a costume, but once we settled it was great! Emmah decided hands down she wanted to be Dorothy and who am I to say no since it is one of my most favorite movies!! Jake on the other hand, went through about 10 before finally settling on a baseball player. He was so excited to get the jersey!

We had a really fun family day at home. We started off with a HUGE breakfast, which we had late in the morning. Then we played some games, Candyland, Memory, and the new favorite of the house Uno! After trick or treating we made our own pizza! All in all it was a jam packed day of fun!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I have been meaning to post this and just keep forgetting, so here you go! Emmah wanted to do a sports activity this fall, and since mom was too slow we missed out on soccer and so when there was an opportunity to play softball she was thrilled.

She did t-ball this summer, but this would be different this would be coach pitch. She was even more thrilled! Then it was more like how daddy plays...

Well because we live in Michigan and strangly enough it was a cold fall, they didn't get many games in. There were rained out twice. They had one week of just practice and then played games against each other. It was more to teach them some techniques and work to develop skills. A great opportunity if you ask me. She LOVED every minute of this. She is now more excited then ever to play this summer. I love that she loves it even if she isn't the best player she always goes out to have fun and play ball!

Monday, October 19, 2009


This weekend we went out and purchased our pumpkins. Since Toby left today for 2 weeks, this also meant that we would have to carve them too!! Now carving isn't so bad, but neither kid has any desire to touch the inside of the pumpkin, they just like to pick out the face and see the finished product!!

So first we got our pumpkins.....

Then we carefully cleaned them out.....I say we meaning Toby and I!!

Don't let these fool you they were just for pictures, they each stuck their hands in ONCE!!

Then daddy carved them and made them beautiful! The kids designed the faces, so they are all theirs. I can't wait to see them all lit up. I will add a picture when we do!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Field Trip

On Thursday Jake got to take his very first field trip. This was a momentous occastion on so many levels. Firstly he got to ride on a gigantic bus, just like his sister. Although we were a little disappointed when it wasn't the same number. This was HUGE, they all looked so small and were so excited they could hardly sit down during the whole ride there!

Our trip was to the pumpkin patch. This too was very exciting seeing Jake himself had never been, we have gone to get pumpkins, but not at the actual patch before. They took a hayride and the driver was nice to give them various bits of information along the way, at their level so they understood. It was quite educational for all, including this mom who didn't know some of that stuff!!

They all got to pick out a pumpkin, and 2 gourds. Tough choices but we did finally decide on what one we wanted. However the highlight of the entire trip would have been the fact that Jake got to sit on the tractor and pretend to drive. He even told his teacher he was driving them back! It was a really fun trip and Jake couldn't wait to share what he got with Dad and Emmah!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Apple Picking

This past Sunday we took the kids and headed to Cranes Apple Orchard. It is a favorite fall activity. Some of the fun is picking the apples, sampling some of the different kinds of apples they have, and of course.....the cider and doughnuts!!

We picked rather quickly after deciding what kind. The kids just kept throwing apples into the bags, it got a little crazy for a minute or two! Once we had all of our apples we headed to pay. Then we of course had to get a little snack. The weather was a little chilly and the kids didn't really want to sit outside (neither did mom and dad!!) so we got some to bring home and enjoy. All in all it was a great time. I look forward to it every year, it is definitely a memory I have of doing with my mom.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Birthday Party

As some of you may know we have had a very windy couple of days! In fact Tuesday night was incredibly windy, that it knocked over some trees, and some people lost power. We were lucky that we didn' t have any issues with this!! However, our daycare provider was not so lucky :(

She insisted that she would still take the kids, and were having lunch brought in, and she also has a fire place in the living room to help keep the house warm. (The kids don't play there so it's not a safety issue, which is nice!) She also had LOTS of candles to light the house since they get there before the sun is up! Well after spending half the day there, Jake was delighted to tell Toby "Cindy's house was just like a birthday party!!" Tob asked "Why?" Jake replied "Because she had candles all over!!"

You just gotta love that kid!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fire Truck Parade

On Saturday we took the kids to the annual Fire Truck Parade in downtown Holland. We have gone the past couple of years and really enjoyed it. It's nice because the kids are able to see new and old style fire trucks, see fireman close-up and even try on their gear. (Although this year due to the weather we didn't do that!) The kids really enjoy it, and it's nice cause they do not use the sirens, which Emmah doesn't like at all!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Two Wheelin

Well apparently Emmah's gym teacher has quite an impact on her and her decisions, because he told them NO TRAINING WHEELS!! So she was very sure that she needed to learn how to ride without them. Tonight was the night. I had taken Jake to a Dr's appointment, only to come home to them in the front yard.....and Emmah was showing off her stuff.

I have to say learning some things doesn't take her long when she is determined, and with this once she set her mind to it she had it!! We are still working on some details, like completely started ourselves, and a classier dismount, but overall she has GOT IT!!

It brought back a lot of memories for me.....this is where I learned, in that same yard. I love that my kids will have these memories to share with their kids and it so incredible for me to share my stories with them. Like learning to ride and my dad letting me ride right into the fence (Thanks Dad!!) Emmah will have hers, she hit the telephone pole, but at least she laughed and will laugh when she shares this story with her kids someday. Days like today make me realize that her guardian angel (Memah) is watching and was cheering and laughing along with us.....

You're It!!

Sometimes in this crazy, busy life I don't think we take the time to realize the small things. Well yesterday I was reminded of one of those things. Tag......who didn't love it when they were a kid especially when you could play with an adult?

Last night while waiting for Emmah to finish up at GEMS, Jake and I went to the car. I figuredd he could find a toy in there to play with or just run around in the field. He ran a little, and proceeded to tell me that we needed to play tag....and we did!!

It was great fun, pysching him out and retagging him and of course letting him get away and tricking him back for a sneaky tag! It didn't last long, but it was just fun acting like a kid and just playing. It is these times that we need to savor, remember and enjoy, because in not to long those days of tag will be over.