Thursday, October 1, 2009

Two Wheelin

Well apparently Emmah's gym teacher has quite an impact on her and her decisions, because he told them NO TRAINING WHEELS!! So she was very sure that she needed to learn how to ride without them. Tonight was the night. I had taken Jake to a Dr's appointment, only to come home to them in the front yard.....and Emmah was showing off her stuff.

I have to say learning some things doesn't take her long when she is determined, and with this once she set her mind to it she had it!! We are still working on some details, like completely started ourselves, and a classier dismount, but overall she has GOT IT!!

It brought back a lot of memories for me.....this is where I learned, in that same yard. I love that my kids will have these memories to share with their kids and it so incredible for me to share my stories with them. Like learning to ride and my dad letting me ride right into the fence (Thanks Dad!!) Emmah will have hers, she hit the telephone pole, but at least she laughed and will laugh when she shares this story with her kids someday. Days like today make me realize that her guardian angel (Memah) is watching and was cheering and laughing along with us.....

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