Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Things I love

  1. My husband, he is wonderful even if I don't tell him very often! He can read me like a book and knows just what to do.
  2. My kids, they may drive me crazy somedays, but there are definetly days when I would go crazy without them!
  3. My family, I have a great extended family, very loving, caring, and fun!
  4. Babies, love them even if they stay up all night!
  5. The sound of rain, it so peaceful, and a good thunderstorm is also enjoyable!
  6. My job! I love who I work with and what I am doing, it is so rewarding!
  7. My friends, I have some pretty awesome friends who are always there when ever you need them, and always keep the good times rolling!
  8. My mom, she was an incredible woman and I am trying to be half the mom she was, but the sewing and cooking skills seem to be non-exsistent....
  9. God, he has blessed me with so many things and for that I am thankful.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So far this week has been crazy, we have gone from one thing to another! Well tonight would be no different. The kids played outside in the pool, and the yard and enjoyed the beautiful weather we have been having, and I actually got something done!!

Then Jake got in trouble, I know surprising! So to time out he must go, while there he fell asleep, which with his "NO NAPPING" thing going on happens a lot. So after Tob got home Emmah and I headed to Target to grab a couple of things, on the way home I decided since it was late to pick up pizza for dinner. We arrive home and Emmah heads in, leaving me with 2 pizzas, some breadsticks, 2 bags from Target, and a roll of wrapping paper. Kinda funny to watch me try and balance my way in, well I get closer to the garage and Tob says to hurry up, there are angry bees.

While mowing the lawn he figures he must of hit something and angered them, and when he turned around Jake was sitting down swatting something at his legs. As he looked closer there were bees and a lot of them. All in all Jake got stung about 1o times. We went to prime care, he started swelling slightly and reacts to other bugs, and we weren't taking any chances. He is on some meds for the next couple days, and will now be toting his own epipen just to be safe. The Dr. said since this was his first time being stung the next time he could have a bigger reaction. Let's all hope he doesn't!

Needless to say we had dinner at 9, and the kids didn't get to bed til about 10, who thinks tomorrow is going to be a good day???

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pool Time

Monday, August 10, 2009

How to change a tire.

To start our week off on a fun note, Tob stopped in the morning to get himself a water on his way to work (this is really early!) Well anyway, about 8ish I get a call from him asking me to call someone to change a tire. Apparently when pulling out of the gas station he heard a noise and then quickly realized that his tire was flat! And when I say flat I mean flat.

So later in the morning the kids and I met a tow truck driver at the car to change the tire, the exciting part of that is that Jake was explaining to the driver how to change the tire correctly (which he has never seen done, except on Cars!) Who knew my son had a hidden tire changing talent! So if you ask the kids what the best part of the day was, they will tell you that they got to get out of the car and watch them change the tire. I guess if we are ever bored, I will just find a tow truck and let the kids watch them work!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Black & White

The last and final challenge for My Life in Pictures was to choose a black and white photo.
The one I chose for this again was from our trip to Chicago....I got quite a few good ones that weekend. It is of my kids watching the fireworks out the window of the taxi we were riding in. We go stuck in MAJOR traffic on our way back and missed most of them, but the kids didn't mind a bit!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Something to be Proud of...

Here is the next challege My Life in Pictures.....I wasn't sure what to do for this one, I have already used my kids, but I am very proud of them. They are great! I am proud of my mom for the fight, the confidence, and positive attitude she put forth the last year of her life. She never gave up...

But I think that what I am most proud of more recently is my decision to go out on a limb and start a small business. I started a couple months ago making handcrafted building blocks. My business is called Bloem & Grow. Here is an example...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Out and About

Well today the challenge at My Life In Pictures is Out and About. At first I wasn't sure where to go with this one, but then it came to me. We have been out and about all summer. Going to this and that, and everything in between.
This is a picture from our trip to Chicago. It is one of many, but one of the few where the you truly see my kids love for there daddy!! It had already been a long day, and my husband (bless his heart) wanted so badly to go to ESPN Zone for dinner. Well let's just say after going to the Sears Tower, it was about 8 blocks away......
We started walking and ended up carrying both our kids between the 2 of us. But this was where they started walking on their own for a little ways. It is so simple but says so much. I just love it and plan to blow it up and frame it for the wall.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I have decided even though I am day late that I will join in the fun. Well for this My Life In Pictures: Challenge 2 we have to pick a favorite......who has one favorite. Not me for sure!! I have so many and especially in the summer I have many more!! I guess my most favorite thing is my kids!! I know kinda lame, but without even knowing it they have helped me cope with losing my mom. They made it okay to cry, and be sad, and okay to be happy, and feel the joy of the moment!

I hope that you will join the challenge fun too!!