Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So far this week has been crazy, we have gone from one thing to another! Well tonight would be no different. The kids played outside in the pool, and the yard and enjoyed the beautiful weather we have been having, and I actually got something done!!

Then Jake got in trouble, I know surprising! So to time out he must go, while there he fell asleep, which with his "NO NAPPING" thing going on happens a lot. So after Tob got home Emmah and I headed to Target to grab a couple of things, on the way home I decided since it was late to pick up pizza for dinner. We arrive home and Emmah heads in, leaving me with 2 pizzas, some breadsticks, 2 bags from Target, and a roll of wrapping paper. Kinda funny to watch me try and balance my way in, well I get closer to the garage and Tob says to hurry up, there are angry bees.

While mowing the lawn he figures he must of hit something and angered them, and when he turned around Jake was sitting down swatting something at his legs. As he looked closer there were bees and a lot of them. All in all Jake got stung about 1o times. We went to prime care, he started swelling slightly and reacts to other bugs, and we weren't taking any chances. He is on some meds for the next couple days, and will now be toting his own epipen just to be safe. The Dr. said since this was his first time being stung the next time he could have a bigger reaction. Let's all hope he doesn't!

Needless to say we had dinner at 9, and the kids didn't get to bed til about 10, who thinks tomorrow is going to be a good day???

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