Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy Holidays

Hope that everyone had a VERY Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year!! 
Ours started out a little slow...the flu slowly worked its way through all of us and thankfully we didn't get hit too bad. Toby took on the worst and ended up missing our family Christmas party.

Happily though we were all feeling much better by Christmas Eve and got to enjoy some family fun together! We started a new family tradition...Chinese for dinner followed by a fun/cheesy Christmas movie! This year we enlightened our children to the fun of Elf (Its one of my favorites!!)

Our elf Chip was pretty adventurous this year and definitely had some FUN!!
Here is a look at his adventures this year:

I've of course jumped in the fun of crafting again!! I made some of the gifts again this year and plan to post a tutorial of how to make the FUN fleece blankets I gave the kids this year!

Upcoming posts include:
Fleece blankets
Freezer Meals
Snow Storm
Subway Art