Saturday, April 30, 2011

In the Past

Just when you think things are moving along just fine, that you are happy, healthy, and you have things under hit a bump.

Well we were doing well and kids were really moving along, and life seemed to be moving in the perfect direction...until I realized that next week is Mother's Day. I used to like this day, I mean who doesn't love to be spoiled or at least given an extra hug or two!!

Two years ago my view on this day completely it just makes me sad. Sad that my mom isn't here to celebrate with, sad that she can't see how my kids are growing up, sad that I can't do something special for her to let her know exactly how much she meant to me, how she shaped me into the mom I am today.

Today it really hit home, we ran to Target to get a couple things and I thought it would be a good idea to grab Mother's Day cards. I was fine for the first...5 minutes and then I started to lose it. Emmah kept picking up the sweetest cards and I looked at Tob and just said I had to go, it only reminded me that I won't need a card this year for a great mom who deserves one.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


In the last few weeks the issues of friends has come up. As a kid I remember having friends who lived on my street who I played with all the time. (Being an only child, this was very important.)

We had all kinds of fun, bike rides, carnivals in the yard, dress-up, and just plain fun! When we moved to our new house, this was one thing I was really looking forward to, neighborhood friends! I wanted my kids to have some of the same great memories that I did as a child growing up.

However, that is not how things are going. There are only a few kids near our house and we thought things were going okay. But lately there has been nothing but trouble! Apparently, with one little girl in particular my kids feel the need to do whatever she says....needless to say this has gotten them both in a HEAP of trouble in the last few days.

We have now had to set up the rule that one girl may no longer come over, which of course caused a LOAD of drama, b/c every time she has been over my kids are making poor choices.

The test of time will tell if my kids are learning the right lessons, and know what is right and wrong and what it means to be a good friend. A HARD lesson to learn...for both the kids and mom!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Happenings!

This weekend was a crazy busy weekend with Easter, birthdays, soccer games, and my husband working. Put that all together and chaos is what happens! Somehow though we pulled it all off with only a few little glitches here and there!

We started with some birthday from Jake and then on Sunday mom and dad!

Then some fun family time on Easter!

Here is Emmah and GG!! I love this pic! And of course the cousins!! We are in for some crazy holidays to come that is for sure! But these will definitely be special memories for my kids!

And here we have my two little blessings!! It was so nice to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather, celebrate, and spend time together. (I just wish Tob didn't have to work so much over the past weekend, I think that is the only thing that would have made it better!)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Where I'm At

As my journey in weight loss continues, I find myself this time being very determined, focused and having quite a positive attitude.

I have been on this journey before, and always given up. This time I refuse to give up not only for myself, but for my kids. I want to be around for a long time for them. I refuse to give up for me, I want to be able to enjoy life, be happy with myself, have fun and enjoy all the joys I have been given.

This journey will not be easy, but so far I have been successful and all the positive support I am recieving has been a HUGE help. I couldn't do without my friends and family who are there to encourage me along the way. The best part has been that a bunch of my co-workers are also doing WW and we are all supporting each other, asking what we have eaten today, sharing recipes, and giving "high 5's" and words of encouragement! As of today I have lost 11.4 lbs!! Not a ton, but not too shabby either! I am on my way to the new me!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum in a dish...

I can hardly believe that in only a few days my baby will be 8! How does that happen and where does the time go?? I LOVE a good theme party so of course I really into...I didn't go overboard at all. Okay well maybe I did...I can't help it!
Here are the details....and oh were they fun!!
  1. Goody Jars filled with gumballs!
  2. Party invites
  3. Hanging decor, great find from Hobby Lobby for super cheap!!
  4. Gumball machine sugar cookies (No I didn't make these!)
  5. Estimating Jar
  6. Terracotta pot gumball machines (The kids all got to make one of their own!)
  7. The cake
  8. Birthday girl blowing out her candles (Nevermind that mom bought the trick candles and that we almost started a fire! OOPS!!)
  9. Birthday banner
  10. Cupcake bites to fit the theme.

At the end of the day Emmah told me she loved it all!! Which made all my craziness the last day or so all the more worth it!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Who Gives A Peep!!

Over the last few days I have been overly inspired to decorate for Easter!! So many wonderful and cute ideas, as well as affordable, and since I am hosting Easter it is the perfect time to get myself into the spring mode!!

My first idea to tackle was from the ladies over at eighteen25!! They have some truly spectacular ideas for just about everything! I started with super cute Spring subway art.

I printed it out at Walgreens and got it all set up, next up was some fun candy filled jars to add some color and fun to my shelves!! I used some cylinder jars I already had, but this is perfect and cheap to do to add some fun spring color to your house!

I wanted to make the top of my hutch a little different then my shelves so I have this little collection...see the theme?? Cheesy I know, but I LOVE how it came together.

I saw this beautiful egg garland and HAD to make it so, I did!! Love how it turned out, even if my hubby thinks I have gone overboard! The garland though, could be made for any occasion or party! (Sorry, not pics of that one!)

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Today we had our very first soccer games of the season! Of course it was raining...windy....and cold!! It wouldn't be spring if it wasn't like that for the first game! Jake was up first this morning and was ready to go! He is playing with a good friend and his team is pretty good. He even scored his first goal of the season!! Although we all got wet, and were cold it was a good time. This season should be interesting since they have some good players on their team and a very active coach. Emmah was up next and was super excited to get started!! She has a pretty good team to and some great players on her team! She too scored her first goal of the season and if she keeps working hard this season could be great!! I am looking forward to this season for both of them, seeing how they have grown and developed! Now if we could just get the weather to cooperate!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Wreath (A new obsession!!)

It seems that since November I have been spying some pretty spectacular wreaths out there in craft blog world. I see them almost every week and want to make them all!! Well, I decided it was okay to at least have one for each season/holiday so I got started on one for spring/Easter. I just LOVE the one that Jen from Tatertots & Jello made at Valentine's Day and have been dying to try it myself so I finally gave it a go. So I forgot to take pics of the supplies, but here is what you need: 1. Flat foam or styrofoam wreath form 2. Coordinating ribbon 3. Cupcake liners (2 pks) 4. Hot glue gun To begin wrap your wreath form with your coordinating ribbon. It should look something like the one below.

Next you will want to gather the bottom of the cupcake liner and begin glueing them on to the wreath. As in Jen's tutorial, I too did small bunches and you do have to hold them in place for a minute.

Continue to do this all the way around the wreath moving from spot to spot (gaps in between bunches) then go back and fill it in till your wreath is as full as you want it. I think this step took me about 1-2 hours, but I did it while I watched T.V so I was a little distracted! When you have that all done you can add a flower detail. There are multiple options for this part. I chose to use some of the cupcake liners to make a flower, but you could do a fabric, felt or anything else that tickles your fancy!

Here is a look at my final product! I don't have one of it hanging, but promise to add one once my door is painted. It will just look so much better then it does now!! To hang it I hot glued ribbon to the top (two strands the same length) then tied them into a bow. It looks great and very springy.

Happy Crafting!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Ahhh...the feeling of spring and running barefoot FINALLY!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Day with Emmah

Today I got to spend the day with Emmah!! It was really a great day! I don't get to spend much one on one time with her and do girly stuff so it was fun to have the opportunity!! I of course let her decide on what activites she wanted to do for the day and she had the whole day all planned out! We had hair appointments in the afternoon, and that she was excited for too!! To start the day we headed for the lanes, the bowling lanes that is!! We bowled two games and low and behold she beat me in the first game! It was fun and she was really excited to win! After that we headed to Target to do a little shopping and get some mani/pedi supplies. We then went for some lunch, at McDonalds of course! Then had our hair done, and headed home to do some mani/pedi's!! It was really fun, we even had nail stickers!! I had a blast with Emmah today and can't wait to do it again. Time goes by all too quickly and I don't want to miss a thing!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Walking a Journey

As I continue on my journey to lose that extra weight I have carried with me most of my life. I bring along with my friends, family, and co-workers. I have shared recipes with others, found good snacks that not only are good for me, but are fun to eat! I have now decided to take on a whole new journey...I plan to walk/run a 5k in 6 weeks! Now who's with me??? I don't plan to do this alone, there is a Walk-It Challenge going on at Weight Watchers and since this has been on my to do list for awhile now, I figure now is as good of time as any! So in 6 weeks I will do a 5k (Not exactly sure which one since there isn't a sponsered event near me) I want to accomplish this goal to challenge myself, to keep myself accountable, and to finally take this off my to do list!! I would love to have some of you join me in my journey, if you're up for it come along with me. (If your local we can walk together!!) I promise to keep up with my training!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

A Day with Jake

Today I spent the day with just Jake. Although I get to spend some afternoons with him, we hardly get to do whatever he wants, since usually there are appointments, errands and chores to do. Well today he got the whole day all to himself. He was the event planner...and we had fun!! To start the day we dropped Emmah off at daycare and headed out. We first went to sign Jake up for hockey, he was super excited, and a little disappointed that there would be no puck or stick! Then it was off to bowling!! He is always bugging to go and so when it came to be his choice of activities bowling it was! As we got settled on the lane he went first and starts off his game with a spare!! Really?? I was actually a little worried about at least making a fare showing... After some bowling we headed to McDonalds for some lunch! He even got to get a shake with his lunch and that made lunch all the better. We chatted about superheroes, sports, and how much food he was eating! After lunch we headed back home to play some Super Mario Bros. Wii! I did really pitiful, but he had a good time making fun of me! All in all it was a nice day to spend some time with just Jake. I love that kid!! He is really funny and I want him to know just how special he is to me!! *Next up is Emmah! She gets to go on Wednesday...I can only imagine what we will do!!

Repurposed (A T-shirt dress tutorial!)

As I am sure you have noticed I have been on a real sewing kick lately!! There have been many of site and projects that I have bookmarked in the past that required sewing. I am now starting to get to those projects!!
Not too long ago I found a GREAT tutorial on how to make an upcycled t-shirt dress. I just LOVED the way it looked. So this week I finally got to making it!! I started by picking out a few of Toby's old shirts that we were going to donate. I didn't have much for color choice, but that worked out okay. I also used a t-shirt of mine, that I bought way too big. Next I cut the t-shirts into 2 sets (front and back set) 5" strips, using the bottom of a shirt for the last strip, then you don't have to hem your dress! Depending on what length you want will determine strip with and the number of strips you will want. (You'll want to make sure that they are as wide as the shirt you plan to use on top and depending on whether you want a A-line or not they will need to get wider; I cut most of mine about 15-18" wide with the top one being 13" which was the width of my top) I also decided to embellish a couple of them, just like in the tutorial with some fabric paint and stamps!

Once I got all the strips how I wanted them, I pinned them together. Because I wanted to have a rough edge I pinned the wrong sides together. This way there is a small seam on the outside of the dress. Now that I had them all pinned I sewed them together. (At this point don't worry about your length of your strips) Then when they are all sewn together, using a rotary cutter you can cut them into an A-line. I then sewed the two sides together by putting the right sides together, and then added the top t-shirt again placing the seam on the outside. Once that was all done I added an embellishment to the top, it was from my shirt I used, fit the colors and added just the right spunk!

Here is the final look, modeled by my spunking little miss! She just cracks me up and was ever so excited to try this dress on! She can hardly wait to wear it!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Flat Stanley Has Arrived!

As a class project a few weeks ago Jake brought home a "Flat Stanley" this was from story that he read with his Kindergarten class. (In case you don't know the story, it is the story of a boy who is flattened by a bulletin board and all the adventures he goes on now that he is flat!

Jake was told to mail his out to a family member of his choice that lived somewhere, other than Michigan. So Jake decided to mail his to is Aunt Mary and Uncle Scott in Florida! I knew they would have fun with this project and the pictures prove they did just that!

After a couple of weeks Flat Stanley returned in a large yellow envelope and Jake could hardly contain his excitement to open it and see what was inside (I made him though, I had to grab my camera!)

Once we opened it up Jake found his very own special copy of Flat Stanley so he can read the story any time he wants!

Next he found a book with photos describing all the wonderful adventures that Flat Stanley had. He even stopped at FSU (Flat Stanley University!) It was fun reading all about what he did! Uncle Scott and Ethan even joined in the fun!

Jake even recieved some letters from the students in Aunt Mary's classes. Jake was amazed as we read these that some of the kids had never seen snow!! It was great fun, and the class enjoyed these as well. Some of his classmates had never been to Florida and learned a lot about what makes it a great place to visit! (Besides that there are some AWESOME family members that live there!!)

Overall this was such a fun project! Emmah wants to do one of her own now and is reading the book herself! I know this has made some great memories for my kids!! Thanks Fowlers!! You guys ROCK!!