Saturday, April 30, 2011

In the Past

Just when you think things are moving along just fine, that you are happy, healthy, and you have things under hit a bump.

Well we were doing well and kids were really moving along, and life seemed to be moving in the perfect direction...until I realized that next week is Mother's Day. I used to like this day, I mean who doesn't love to be spoiled or at least given an extra hug or two!!

Two years ago my view on this day completely it just makes me sad. Sad that my mom isn't here to celebrate with, sad that she can't see how my kids are growing up, sad that I can't do something special for her to let her know exactly how much she meant to me, how she shaped me into the mom I am today.

Today it really hit home, we ran to Target to get a couple things and I thought it would be a good idea to grab Mother's Day cards. I was fine for the first...5 minutes and then I started to lose it. Emmah kept picking up the sweetest cards and I looked at Tob and just said I had to go, it only reminded me that I won't need a card this year for a great mom who deserves one.


Marie said...

Oh, that's sad. How about honoring a second mom? You know, someone very dear to you who has been like a second mother to you? Maybe an aunt, or a good friend of your mom, etc.? And maybe, you can send her a card and mention one or two things you admire in your mom that you also admire in that 'second mom', so in a way, you can still celebrate mother's day and the greatness of your mom. I know it won't be the same, but it might be one of the better available options. Just an idea :-)

Kate B. said...

That is a very good idea...and I know just the moms!! Thanks!

TheGeerlings said...

Feeling your pain this year. :( Sorry Kate.