Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Our saga has continued with Emmah. Although we felt we were making some progress and seeing some improvements in behavior, choices...we had since slid downhill. In the last week we have had some major issues come up.

Tob and I are feeling frustrated and looking for more answers. We have receieved results from the prior testing, but are just not sure how it all fits together.

Emmah was diagnosed with Visual Processing Deficit, which isn't an actual vision problem, but a problem in being able to find and see the finer details of something. This can make her visually frustrated which they say is causing the misbehavior. Her secondary diagonosis is ADHD, which we suspected. This explains her hyper behavior, and impulsivity. The good thing about the VPD is that it can be treated, actually with very minimum training and in Emmah's case most of which can be done at home.

We have this to go with, but something is still missing. I am meeting with an OT next week as well as making some calls for some in home behavior modification. Hopefully we will begin to find some answers and results not only for us, but more importantly for her.

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