Sunday, October 31, 2010

Holidays Craze

Okay, I LOVE the fall holidays! Thanksgiving to Christmas are my most favorite, all the decorations, the traditions, the food and most of all the family!!

With that being said I am a Christmas card fanatic...I mean I start to think about what I will do for the next year right after I have sent out the current years. Obsessive I know, but I just love to share the Christmas love with just about everyone! My list for cards is about a mile long and my husband rolls his eyes at me every year! Shutterfly helps to cross this major crisis off my list. I love that their designs are modern and fun and fit perfectly into my vision!

I love their holiday card options. This one is perfect for anyone who can't choose just one photo.

Their Christmas cards are perfect! This is another fav, reminds me of one of my favorite holiday movies ever!

As you can see the options are endless...yet so perfect, can't wait to send mine out!!

But if you are looking for another perfect gift for that hard to buy for person, may I suggest Shutterfly's photo calendars?? I did these last year for gifts for both grandparents and great-grandma. Needless to say...they were a hit!! Guess what they are getting this year?

Hope this helps you on your adventure to send out holiday greetings!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Change is a comin

I have decided that it is time to take my blog to a new level....I am going to expand my blogging. I have another blog that is just for my business, but I was thinking that I would add more of my crafts, and home projects as well as projects for the kids too.

Hopefully I am able to make these changes smoothly. So enjoy what is new and don't worry, I won't leave out some of the fun family stuff too!!!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010


As this season fastly approaches and leaves begin to change, I also start to notice how much my kids have changed too! They are becoming so grown up and have learned and accomplished so many things.
Yesterday we went out for a fall photo shoot, along with half of West Michigan, because well the weather was anything but fall like, but the colors are perfectly fall. Here are some of the shots we got...
Change is good so we look forward to the the many changes that will happen this year.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Jake loves to play soccer, he loves it more each day and continually asks when he has practice or a game. I have to say he is pretty good at it too...most of the time. He has a little trouble staying on his feet when dribbling, not sure if this is him or the grass...probably him!

He has scored twice this year and has gotten close about 25 times, just has to learn how to finish it! He is pretty competitive, which is a good thing, but can sometimes get in the way. He likes to smack talk, which we are quickly putting to an end! Jake also thinks he should be able to push and shove when someone is in his way of getting the ball and scoring. Of course his whole team has this issue as well, so he is quickly learning this is not how the game is played! His excuse yesterday for being called out on pushing was..."well they shouldn't put good players on the other team!" there's Jake logic for you! I am thinking of contacting ESPN to mic him during a soccer game with voice of the would be hilarious!

Hopefully I will post some pics later, we are heading out for some awesome fall photos today and I will put them on the computer along with my soccer pics!