Sunday, April 25, 2010

7th Heaven

It is hard to believe that on Friday my baby turned 7!!! How does that happen?? Well I guess I can admit that it did happen, even if I didn't want to she would still be 7, so I might as well just deal with it!

We celebrated on Friday with a Movie party with her friends. It was a great time and I enjoyed getting all the stuff together to make it special. Everyone had a great time, was well-behaved (for being at a party involving candy and cupcakes!) and enjoyed watching Up! Here are some of the pictures of our celebration.

We spent Toby's birthday yesterday at Notre Dame, not one of his favorite places, but we spent it with some great friends celebrating their upcoming marriage so it was a good time!!! Today we'll have some family over to complete the birthday weekend with Emmah's birthday dinner, she gets to choose the menu (Mac & Cheese, salad and could be worse!)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gettin Crafty

I have always had this crafty gene in me, which comes from my mom and makes me smile when I get these crazy ideas, but lately I get the urge to make something new almost daily...I'm running out of room so if you are in need let me know!!

My latest idea actually came from a display in Michaels, I put my own twist on it and came up with this:

It so fun and it was my first attempt at playing with canvas...I think I will be playing with it again!

I hope you will find your craft gene, and if you have trouble well you should check all the fun and fabulous ideas at "I Made It" at Everything Etsy. (Click below to enjoy all the fun stuf on her blog!)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge

Oh the fun we had!!! A while back friends of ours suggested that we take a group vacation to Great Wolf Lodge, a kids resort that has an indoor waterpark!! We, along with 3 other families were off for the weekend. Many great times were had by all!
Listening to story time with Wolfie!
Waterslides, and more waterslides and lots of fun!!
Getting some much needed refueling for more swimming!!
Emmah and I taking a break from the water, not for long though!
Wolfie brought us warm cookies and milk!! What a great surprise for the kids!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to you all!! We have been busy the last couple of days getting ready for it. Yesterday we hit the local Easter egg hunt, and had a great time! Kids had fun, and it got done just in time before the rain hit!

We ended the evening by dying our eggs! Nothing too fancy this year, I usually try to get crafty, but this year I just couldn't find one I liked that wasn't too complicated. So we just dyed them and the kids LOVED it!!

We have been enjoying some truly wonderful weather around here topping out in the 80's on Friday!!! This week is spring break so we have some fun stuff planned! To end our spring break we are taking a trip to Great Wolf Lodge, a huge indoor waterpark and theme hotel. We are going with 3 other families/friends, there will be 20 of us all together! Can't wait the kids have been counting down for weeks!