Sunday, April 25, 2010

7th Heaven

It is hard to believe that on Friday my baby turned 7!!! How does that happen?? Well I guess I can admit that it did happen, even if I didn't want to she would still be 7, so I might as well just deal with it!

We celebrated on Friday with a Movie party with her friends. It was a great time and I enjoyed getting all the stuff together to make it special. Everyone had a great time, was well-behaved (for being at a party involving candy and cupcakes!) and enjoyed watching Up! Here are some of the pictures of our celebration.

We spent Toby's birthday yesterday at Notre Dame, not one of his favorite places, but we spent it with some great friends celebrating their upcoming marriage so it was a good time!!! Today we'll have some family over to complete the birthday weekend with Emmah's birthday dinner, she gets to choose the menu (Mac & Cheese, salad and could be worse!)

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