Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year In Review

Okay, I figured since this is my first attempt at a blog, and I haven't been doing this for a year yet it would be hard to reflect on my blog a year ago so I thought what better thing then to highlight some of the highs in our family!

1. My mom is doing much better and on the road to recovery!
2. Emmah lost her first teeth!!!
3. Jake is potty training!!!
4. Emmah started Kindergarten, is it possible I have a 5 year old?
5. We are all happy and healthy.

I know kinda lame, but hey what can we say! Hope everyone has a happy and safe new year!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas in a nutshell!

Okay well of course Santa came to our house and brought many happy smiles to two very lucky and loved little children! This year was one of the best so far since Jake and Emmah both truly understood the whole Santa thing and are beginning to understand the true story of Christmas. Emmah was most excited about her Princess Wii game, which is just for her and daddy to play with (this I will have to see...and don't worry I will also take pictures!) and for Jake his Batman book! We made some truly wonderful memories this Christmas that I plan to continue. I have also had the chance now to sit down and really reflect on the past year and how many things have changed and how we have grown and changed there are many things to be thankful for and many more lessons to be learned. I hope that all of you had a wonderful Christmas and were able to enjoy some time with family.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Bloemers Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is the night we reserve every year to celebrate Christmas with the Bloemers family. A good time is always had the this year was no exception. It is always nice to sit down and just talk to everyone, share in some really good food, and of course play a rousing round of BINGO. I think it is one of the highlights for everyone, and this year was no exception. Emmah even got to be the caller for a short time, during dirty BINGO (where people can steal the gifts you have won!) It is great to see everyone, not that we don't see them often, but it is always nice to get together this time of year and reflect on all the wonderful memories of years past and present.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Making Cookies

Well, I decided that since Christmas is fastly approaching that maybe we should make some cookies for Santa. I was a little nervous about taking on this project since a friend of mine had a series of complicating events occur when she attempted, but I pulled up my sleeves and decided to dive it. Besides what else were we going to do, we're SNOWED IN!!
It was a good time. The kids loved deciding what cookie cutter to use, and really wanted to sample them when they are finished. We are going to attempt to make some gingerbread boys and girls later today, and then decorate. That I am waiting for Toby for, things never go well with frosting and a 5 year old and a 3 year old!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kid's Christmas Party

Together with our friends we got together and had a Christmas Party. It was a BLAST!! Even Santa showed up....and boy were the kids surprised! We hung out, ate some pizza, and then headed to the ice rink to do some skating.

This was the first time we had taken the kids, and it has been awhile for me as well. We had a ton of fun! Emmah took to skating really well. She even did some skating without any help. Jake needed some help, but he had fun anyway. He even asked later when were going skating again! It was definetly a time to remember and will have to be an annual event.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

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Saddle Up

Tonight we went to Zeeland and rode on a horse drawn wagon through the city. It was so much fun! We didn't tell the kids where we were going and they LOVED it! On our short journey we sang Christmas carols (and yes all of us sang!) and enjoyed the lights as well as the big Christmas cards. The kids enjoyed the ride and loved petting the horses too!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Go Scots!!

On Saturday we took the kids to see Caledonia basketball, Cousin Todd is the coach. We have taken Emmah, but this was Jake's first time. Jake kept yelling at Todd from across the court, during the game (he tried so hard for him to hear him, but he just wasn't loud enough over the game!) We had a great time. The kids were AWESOME cheerleaders and if team spirit could have won the game the Scots would have had it. They did a great job and put forth a great effort.

I have a feeling we have many more games ahead of us!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Trimming the Tree

Tonight we finally trimmed the tree. We have had it up since Sunday, but just have been crazy busy to actually decorate it, besides the kids kinda wanted to wait for daddy to get home. So tonight was the night. It was a blast explaining all the ornaments, when and where we got them, and what they stood for. Jake got super excited about the Michigan football ornament, it was pretty funny! (I'll add pics later)

The kids are hoping to head outside with daddy tomorrow to make a "Snow Emmah" and a "Snow Jake". I will be sure to post pics if they do!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Birthday Bash

Yesterday we celebrated Grandma's and cousin Drew's birthday. We started the afternoon off with a show. Tessa (another cousin) is performing in a musical at a local church so we all went to check it out. It was great! The kids really liked it, and loved all the singing! Afterwards we went out for dinner. It was a fun time laughing, joking, eating, and of course watching a little basketball, GO BLUE!!!!

Once we finished dinner we headed to Mimi & Papa's for some cake and ice cream. Yummy!!! We hung out and just had a great time with each others company. Playing some fun games in the process! Overall a good time was had by all! My favorite moment of the night was when Jake sang his own solo of "Happy Birthday" to GG! Emmah eventually joined in, but boy was it so cute!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Parade of Lights

Tonight we braved the cold and went to the Parade of Lights in downtown Holland. It was cold!!!! But the kids had fun and that is what counts. We even had to have some hot chocolate when we got home, because what else do you do when you are cold??

They loved all the lights and waving at all the people, I am not sure how much of the parade that Jake saw, his hat was covering his eyes most of the night! Oh well fun was definetly had.

I have to add a little extra comment on here about Blueprint sketches, it's a blog where I find some of my scrapbook inspiration. Andrea, who writes the blog is giving away a calendar, it is so cute, I hope I win!!!!! So wish me luck.....

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Reasons to be Thankful!

For something new and different I decided to make a list of things we are thankful for this year. So here you go..... (In no particular order!)

1. My mom, who is on her way to recovery she gave us quite a scare.
2. Toby, he may drive me crazy sometime, but I love him!!
3. Emmah & Jake, I couldn't ask for 2 better kids!
4. Family & Friends
5. A roof over my head, and food on the table.
6. My job, I work with some truly fantastic people!

1. My mother-in-law doing better.
2. My job
3. My family
4. My kids, Emmah & Jake, they are cool!!

1. My Barbies
2. My family, including Ross!
3. Friends and food!

1. My diggers and my other toys
2. clothes
3. family

As a whole we have a lot to be thankful this year! We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Many Blessings!

I don't have any wonderfully cute stories, momentous events, or special firsts. Today I thought I would take the time to just say how thankful I am for all the truly wonderful blessings we have in our lives. Toby and I have been married 8 1/2 years, and still know how to make each other laugh (even if some of us do it by setting off the smoke alarms when they are cooking!!), we have 2 healthy children, a roof over our heads, and food on our table. We also have the blessing of many spectacular and supportive friends and family.

I don't think we take the time to share enough how lucky we are. Things may not be perfect, but then life wouldn't be an adventure! So to those of you who read this "Thanks, you are truly a blessing in my life and the life of my family!"

Monday, November 10, 2008

Jake and his bark!

Jake has had somewhat of a cold for a couple of weeks, and with that a slight cough. However, last night it really ramped up and he sounded awful. We even woke him up and gave him a breathing treatment to help him out. As I was putting him to bed, he gave out a huge cough. I said "That is quite a bark you have Jake!" Jake's reply was "I don't bark.......I'm a boy you silly!" I guess he told me!

He is now on two different meds, one via breathing treatment. Hopefully he is better soon.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

We finally sat down and carved our pumpkins. It was a lot of fun. The kids picked out the faces for their own pumpkins, we found a website where they could chose which eyes, nose and mouth they wanted and then you could print. That was a task in itself! We had a good time and both helped more than last year, not quite as grossed out this year.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tooth Fairy!

Well we had a very important event occur at our house last night. Emmah lost her first teeth! And yes I said teeth!! Her front too teeth have been loose from quite awhile now, but not quite loose enough to fall out. Well, daddy took a look last night and with a little conviencing they were out! She was a little concerned about how she was going to eat, and about the tooth fairy coming into her room.

In the morning she was pleasantly surprised and overjoyed with the $2 the tooth fairy had left her. She was also very intrigued by the fairy dust she had left!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Football Game

Emmah got to take a very exciting trip this past weekend. Tob and I, along with more family and friends took Emmah to the Hillsdale vs. GVSU football game. She is her cousin Ross' BIGGEST fan! She cheers for him even when he's not playing! We waited til the last minute to tell her where we were going and once she found out she was very excited to go. After we got past the loud fireworks we all had a great time. We got to Ross make a couple of good plays, you should have heard her when they announced his name on the loud speaker! All in all it was a great time!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

On Friday Emmah went on her first field trip to the Post Family Farm! Daddy got to go along too! They had a really good time. Riding in the train, picking out pumpkins, and of course the hayride. But the hayride proved to be the most exciting part, due to the fact that the wagon lost a tire, while they were on it! They enjoyed themselve though and that is what counts. She got to have a donut and pick out a pumpkin. The parents even got to get a pumpkin and a doughnut. Thankfully Tob brought some home for Jake and I!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Well we made it through are first parent-teacher conference and nobody cried (meaning mom). She is doing great which is what we hoped to hear. She is right where she should be academically and is adjusting pretty well to school in general. She has her very first field trip on Friday to the Pumpkin Patch, don't worry the camera is going with dad, I just hope he remembers to take some pictures.

Both kids have stuffy noses, so they aren't feeling great. Which means earlier bedtimes and some cranky kids! What can you do it's that time of year. We are hoping to go pick apples this weekend and Emmah has her last soccer game. We are also headed to GVSU vs. Hillsdale football game on Saturday night. This will be Emmah first college game and she gets to see Ross!! It should be fun.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Okay if from the title you didn't guess Emmah scored her very first soccer goal on Saturday! She was so excited. Jumping up and down and looking for high fives from just about everyone! GG, Mimi, and Papa even got to witness this joyous occasion. She is really enjoying soccer, just not the cold morning weather she has to play in!

As for school things are going well, she is really enjoying it. She started Baggy Books, where she brings home a book each week and has to read it then reads it to a parent and gets a new book. She is excited to be reading and just can't wait to get a new book.

Jake is up to his usual trouble, and of course passing along a sweet smile to get out of it! The most interesting part about him is that every time you put him to bed whether it is for a nap or bedtime he changes his clothes!! It is always a surprise to see what he will be wearing each time!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Busy Bee's

We had a wonderful weekend this past weekend. The kids to their excitement got to spend the whole weekend with Auntie and Uncle Caleb! Jake said he didn't want to come home, he wanted to stay with Auntie!! They got to go out to eat and to a birthday party and just plain have fun! It is great that they got to spend some time with them they enjoy it for sure!!

We however got to spend some time with friends! Our good friends Tom and Lynn got married on Saturday. It was beautiful wedding and a good time was had by all even if there was LOTS of rain!! It was nice to see everyone and just hang out.

We also started Dave Ramsey classes on Sunday, so things are going to get very interesting around here. It will be a good thing, we have lots of things we want to do and following this plan will help us to do this! I am hanging on tight for this ride!!

At the bottom here I added some of Emmah's soccer pictures! Enjoy!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bunch Ball

Emmah had her first soccer game yesturday and it was fun! She has been waiting to play soccer since she was little, so this was her shining moment. We didn't even have to tell her twice to get her clothes on! It was an early game, 8:30 (early for mom and dad too!!), a little chilly too! But nothing could take the excitment away from her.

With her cheering section all lined up she had to start the game by sitting out, but when it was her turn she was ready to go. I am pretty sure that she spent a good portion of the game waving to her fans!! She played some defense, almost scored a goal, and then to her complete joy she got to be the GOALIE! She has said she wanted to play that from the start. During her time in the goal she spent some time sitting, dancing, and twirling around with another little boy on her team. Overall, she did a great job, her team ended up losing 7-5, but fun was had by all and to top it all off there was a snack and juice box involved!

Jake is getting so big and wants to help with everything. We just have to find the right things for him to help with. He too wants to play soccer, we are going to check into it for him. It would be indoor, but at least he gets to play.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I officially have a KINDERGARTENER!!!

Well, we made it through the first day! When you have a child you realize how hard it will be letting go, even as a baby leaving them for the first time, but when they head off to school it has that feeling that they are growing up and readying themselves to leave the nest. Okay I know that is like 13 years away, but still time flies!!
She was so excited to go and ride the bus and everything. I was surprised how quickly she fell asleep last night. I had prepared myself to read many stories and having to go into her room and tell her to please go to sleep. However she surprised me again and drifted right off into dreamland!
I had to hold back the tears as she jumped on the bus this morning, knowing she would be fine and have a great time. But as some you know and understand, that is still your baby heading off into a whole new world without you. She of course had a GREAT day and can't wait to go back tomorrow!! I am so glad she is enjoying it and look forward to all the new things she will learn and share with us!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Fierce Competitor

Today was Emmah first soccer practice. It was very fun to watch. Emmah is not in any way afraid of the ball. She is dying to be the goalie!! She jumped in the goal every chance she could. During the scrimmage she was all about the ball, she just has to remember to keep her hands off the ball. She is very excited to play and has her first game in 2 weeks, it should be really funny to see the first game. I have never seen her eat so much in my life after she got done!!

I will definetly get some pics of that first game because trust me the pics will be cute. She looks so cute in her cleats and her shin guards!! I am not sure who is more excited her or me!! Toby did make me promise to keep quiet on the sidelines!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Well Emmah got to go and check out her Kindergarten classroom today and do some testing for them. She had a really good time, but was a little nervous before going in. I know she will have a really good time. She told me that she liked her teacher and thought she was nice, she also said she looking forward to playing with all the centers! I am sad, but excited for her at the same time! Next week is the official Open house so we will all get to check out the classroom and tour the school I know that will be fun for her too! Especially since they have ice cream!! She is a Bloemers and has that Henkel gene too!!! We have started the countdown and she gets to rip off a number everyday, we are also going to practice our morning routine so that she is all set when school starts, hopefully mom will be too!!

It will be interesting to see how Jake reacts at daycare without all the boys and his sister around. He will be the only boy in the mornings, I am thinking that he will find his feminine side for sure cause they are both girly girls! I can't wait to see my son in heels carrying a purse!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Okay as an adult I would kill to have a nap, however my kids just don't like naptime! I don't get it. Emmah feels she is too old for a nap, which is fine since she will have to be awake for school eventually, but Jake thinks he is big stuff and likes to play instead. I am really hoping that he will move past this a take naps a little longer. We'll just have to see.

Emmah goes for her Kindergarten testing this week so that should be fun and interesting to see what she knows. She also gets to find out her teacher on Friday so that will make that exciting too! We officially have a countdown which is 16 days til Kindergarten!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Terrible 3's???

Okay whoever said that 2's were the worst was crazy!! I don't know what happened overnight, but suddenly my sweet lovin little boy has turned into a BIG STINKER!!!!!!! You can't help but love the kid, especially when he does something wrong and then looks at you with those big blue eyes and says "I love you mommy!" What is a mom to do? Emmah just laughs, but I figure that her time will come!

I guess my kids have become experts on the Wii. Both of them can hit took me awhile what is up with that? Emmah also bowled her first Turkey, she was so excited and was jumping around, then Toby asked her if she knew what one was and she said no! He had quite a laugh! Things are never slow here at our house!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Family Time

Today we had the Brown Golf Outing. We had a nice time. The kids got to go swimming, Jake as usual had to be pulled out of the pool with blue lips and chattering teeth! That kid would swim and never get out if we let him, it is quite funny to watch!! We always have a good time catching up with family and eating of course!! Got to love those Aunt Marcia cookies!!!

We are in for some more crazy weeks. Toby is headed down to Kentucky for the week which leaves us up here. The kids miss him a lot, okay me too!! But they have learned a lot of geography, and telephone manners! I am awaiting school starting and looking forward to my job, which has changed slightly. It should be a fun and interesting challenge.

I will try and add some photos sometime this week, but no promises. With the Olympics on I will be watching that, I love that stuff!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Okay way too long!

I know I promised to keep you updated, and I didn't! Anyway Jake has now moved on to 3, and with a lot less hair! Thanks Tob!!! I don't love it at all, but everyone else seems to.

Emmah keeps asking about when school starts, I don't know how I am going to contain her for another month! We have been busy with swimming lessons, VBS, vacation (which we had a wonderful time!!), and work of course!

I started at Coldstone last week and really like it. I will be working a lot with cakes and the catering part. I love to do the cakes, working the stone takes some practice let me tell you!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hi, Howdy, and Hello

"Hi" I have finally decided that the family should join the computer age!! Since we have family and friends that live far and near and don't talk to all of you enough I figured this would be a fast and easy way to keep everyone up to date! I hope that everyone enjoys keeping up with us!!

So here is what has been going on with the Bloemers.....well Emmah finished Preschool and is very excited to start Kindergarten in the fall! (Mom is not so ready!!) She took dance again this year and got to do tap for the first time, now that was interesting. Emmah liked it a lot and can't wait for it to start again! It may have something to do with one of her boyfriends being in the same class, but I can't say for sure! Jake is getting BIGGER by the minute and keeps us guessing. He is definetly ALL BOY!!! Any sport there is he loves it especially baseball and basketball, he is pretty sure that daddy should play everynight!!

Tob and I are staying busy as usual. Tob is playing softball two nights a week, which is not only fun for him, but for the kids as well! I am looking for a summer job, to go along with my jewelry business. I have to find something to keep myself busy! I have also decided to start my own scrapbooking business, where I will make scrapbook pages or albums for people. These are made to order and designed around the particular customer. I am so excited to start this, I mean does it get any better to turn my hobby into a business???

Okay, well that is a start and I will try to update as often as I can. Can't wait to share things with all of you!