Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bunch Ball

Emmah had her first soccer game yesturday and it was fun! She has been waiting to play soccer since she was little, so this was her shining moment. We didn't even have to tell her twice to get her clothes on! It was an early game, 8:30 (early for mom and dad too!!), a little chilly too! But nothing could take the excitment away from her.

With her cheering section all lined up she had to start the game by sitting out, but when it was her turn she was ready to go. I am pretty sure that she spent a good portion of the game waving to her fans!! She played some defense, almost scored a goal, and then to her complete joy she got to be the GOALIE! She has said she wanted to play that from the start. During her time in the goal she spent some time sitting, dancing, and twirling around with another little boy on her team. Overall, she did a great job, her team ended up losing 7-5, but fun was had by all and to top it all off there was a snack and juice box involved!

Jake is getting so big and wants to help with everything. We just have to find the right things for him to help with. He too wants to play soccer, we are going to check into it for him. It would be indoor, but at least he gets to play.

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