Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Busy Bee's

We had a wonderful weekend this past weekend. The kids to their excitement got to spend the whole weekend with Auntie and Uncle Caleb! Jake said he didn't want to come home, he wanted to stay with Auntie!! They got to go out to eat and to a birthday party and just plain have fun! It is great that they got to spend some time with them they enjoy it for sure!!

We however got to spend some time with friends! Our good friends Tom and Lynn got married on Saturday. It was beautiful wedding and a good time was had by all even if there was LOTS of rain!! It was nice to see everyone and just hang out.

We also started Dave Ramsey classes on Sunday, so things are going to get very interesting around here. It will be a good thing, we have lots of things we want to do and following this plan will help us to do this! I am hanging on tight for this ride!!

At the bottom here I added some of Emmah's soccer pictures! Enjoy!

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Shelby said...

Soccer and Dance!! what a combo. Ethan will be happy to hear that Emmmah got to play some goalie. Their techniques to pass the time sound pretty similar now that i thnk of it. I think the best one was when he actually tried to jump and hang from the goal. The picking the grass was a good laugh too. :)