Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I officially have a KINDERGARTENER!!!

Well, we made it through the first day! When you have a child you realize how hard it will be letting go, even as a baby leaving them for the first time, but when they head off to school it has that feeling that they are growing up and readying themselves to leave the nest. Okay I know that is like 13 years away, but still time flies!!
She was so excited to go and ride the bus and everything. I was surprised how quickly she fell asleep last night. I had prepared myself to read many stories and having to go into her room and tell her to please go to sleep. However she surprised me again and drifted right off into dreamland!
I had to hold back the tears as she jumped on the bus this morning, knowing she would be fine and have a great time. But as some you know and understand, that is still your baby heading off into a whole new world without you. She of course had a GREAT day and can't wait to go back tomorrow!! I am so glad she is enjoying it and look forward to all the new things she will learn and share with us!

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Shelby said...

This picture is adorable. Definitely a kodak moment. Emmah has gotten so big. It seems like its been forever!!! Tell her i said hello and that kindergarten is the best grade because the teachers actually encourage sleeping!!! why does that have to end after just one year?