Sunday, September 27, 2009

The craziness continues!! We have been so busy lately so I apologize for not posting sooner!!

Emmah is loving 1st grade and all the fun things they are learning. She is becoming quite responsible. I am so proud of her! She got to go to Cranes Apple Orchard with her class this week and had so much fun! They did some stories with apples and math too. To finish up on Friday they made applesauce, which she thought was a BLAST!! (However she didn't like the taste of it!!) Next week she will start coach pitch softball, she is super excited about this, and I will be sure to post some pics!!

Jake is fully enjoying preschool and wants to go pretty much everyday! He is doing great and seems to have adjusted well to no napping, although towards the end of the week, he gets a little crabby! He is LOVING soccer and just can't get enough. We are going to have to find something for him to do when it is done in a couple weeks. On days he doesn't have school he does miss his sister though, so it is kinda cute.

I have been crazy busy with my blocks!! I did a craft show this past weekend, and think that it went pretty well. I am looking to do a couple more in the next couple months as well. It took a lot of prep work and now I have learned a lot about how to set up and what to make and have on hand. I am enjoying work and keeping myself busy with that as well. Many of the teachers are allowing me to take on some responsibility of planning and that is fun, without being overwhelming.

Toby is working hard and enjoying all his fall sports!! College football is a favorite and with Michigan being 3-0 it makes it even better. He may be heading to Nebraska for work, which could throw our schedule into complete crazy, but we'll see we haven't heard anything so far.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Tackling in soccer??

How do you tell a 4 year old there is no tackling in soccer?? Well let me tell you since we just found out!! Last night Jake had his first taste of soccer, which he has been dying to play since Emmah played last fall. He was so excited, a little bummed he couldn't wear the cleats, but he would get over that as long as he got to wear the shin guards!

They practice for 30 mins before the game and then play a 3 on 3 game that lasts about 30 mins. For practice they worked on learning to dribble, not touch the ball with your hands (which Jake isn't doing to well with either!), and shooting in the goal. Just some basics I mean they are only 4!

Jake did great for practice, had lots of fun and was really pumped for the game. When the game started he was all about it and headed for the ball. Well another player on his team is pretty good and ended up with the ball a lot. Jake would have non of that so instead of teamwork, he turned to tackling!! We were pretty sure we were going to have the first 4 year old to earn a red card! It was very funny to watch, but we know have had to remind him that there isn't tackling in soccer and that it isn't nice. Papa even had to step in to remind him of this. I am really looking forward to the rest of the season!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Time Flies!

Can it really be that my baby is in preschool already?? Well yesterday was his first official preschool, although he wanted to go the orientation the day before all by himself! It was definetly harder for mom then it was for him, he was so excited he skipped all the way into class, and then could have cared less if I was there to say bye or not!

It was really kinda bittersweet.....I am so proud of him and all the new things he is learning. And I can't wait for him to learn more. I know he is in good hands and will just love school and the fun that is in store for him, but then there is still that part of me that is having to let go of my baby knowing that I will never have this moment again.

What has this last week taught me you ask?? Come on ask?? Well I have learned that these moment are precious and to just enjoy every minute of them! That I can't stop them from growing so instead of trying to keep them little enjoy the growths they are making, the new things they are learning, the milestones, to take LOTS of pictures, and to just LOVE them with all my heart! I often thought my mom was overprotective, I now understand exactly how she must have felt watching me grow. So I will learn from her and have my moments, but enjoy them as well and be faithful in the wonderful children I am raising. I know she is as proud of them as I am and is watching over them from above. This revelation that they have a special guardian angel has definetly brought me at least a little peace with their growing up.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of School

Well it is with any yearly tradition the first day of school rolls around and with that come many hopes, dreams, excitement, anxiety, and for this mom TEARS!!

Today Emmah started 1st grade! I can hardly believe she is that old already and turning into a very interesting young lady, hey we all have our quirks right?? Today she seemed so old, so grown up, and ready for the year ahead. I know that she will learn so many new things, experience new things, and bring many new ideas to the table, but a small part of me (OK OK a large part of me!) can't help but be a little sad that my baby is growing up. I am so proud of her and can't wait to hear the tales of First grade, I am sure she will have many to share! But in my own little moment today is a day this mom, needs her mom. Because I am sure that today is a day that she would have been proud, and then wiped MY tears, and eased my nerves. Don't mistake my tears, I couldn't be more excited for Emmah. The year that lies ahead is full adventure, and loads of learning all of which will send her on her way to be, well whatever she wants.
Wait til Thursday when I have to leave Jake at preschool! Can anyone say therapy???