Friday, September 11, 2009

Time Flies!

Can it really be that my baby is in preschool already?? Well yesterday was his first official preschool, although he wanted to go the orientation the day before all by himself! It was definetly harder for mom then it was for him, he was so excited he skipped all the way into class, and then could have cared less if I was there to say bye or not!

It was really kinda bittersweet.....I am so proud of him and all the new things he is learning. And I can't wait for him to learn more. I know he is in good hands and will just love school and the fun that is in store for him, but then there is still that part of me that is having to let go of my baby knowing that I will never have this moment again.

What has this last week taught me you ask?? Come on ask?? Well I have learned that these moment are precious and to just enjoy every minute of them! That I can't stop them from growing so instead of trying to keep them little enjoy the growths they are making, the new things they are learning, the milestones, to take LOTS of pictures, and to just LOVE them with all my heart! I often thought my mom was overprotective, I now understand exactly how she must have felt watching me grow. So I will learn from her and have my moments, but enjoy them as well and be faithful in the wonderful children I am raising. I know she is as proud of them as I am and is watching over them from above. This revelation that they have a special guardian angel has definetly brought me at least a little peace with their growing up.

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