Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The last few weeks have brought on a new funk for me...it really all started with the smallest thing. We recently got our car detailed. They did a really great job and the car looked and smelled great!! The only real problem came when they cleaned a spot off the passenger seat...
Silly right, who cares about a spot? Well that spot got there in the most humorous way! Not long after my mom had purchased her car and started having her health issues we were out one day with the kids and they really wanted ice cream. She was NOT going to have that in her car, so we agreed on shakes from McDonald's, she however got a chocolate dipped ice cream cone. Well you can put it all together, hot weather, melting chocolate...equals MESS!!
Needless to say we ended up with chocolate on the seat. She was MAD, and it was FUNNY!!
It's been there ever since, never really came clean, and now it is gone. One of those quirky things that reminds you of this funny situation, and miss that person all the more.
It started my funk, and now I find myself sad and really just missing her. I cry at things that shouldn't make me cry, I'm a little more bitter than usual, and just all out bummed. I try to keep it inside, but not sure it is always there.
It all comes down to 4 simple words:
I miss my mom.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Family Rules

Being a crafty girl I follow A LOT of sites, blogs, etc. always looking for the next BIG idea or crafty project! About a month ago or so on GroopDealz they had a really cool family rules sign. I wanted one, but wasn't sure I wanted to pay the shipping (it was kinda high just for one item). Lucky for me a friend of mine posted something on facebook about ordering so as a group of 3 we ordered and saved.
It arrived the other day and I LOVE it!! It fits perfectly with my gallery wall and forced a little rearranging.
Here is my new sign:
Funny that in the last couple of days as my kids have been fighting I quickly remind them of our family rules!!

Friday, September 16, 2011


I LOVE to craft as you all know and sometimes that can get expensive. I also LOVE to shop, which also can be expensive. In the last few years I have learned to shop more often at consignment shops, antique stores, and of course watch the clearance racks!
Well yesterday a group of mom friends and I went out on a "Thrifty" excursion!! We hit a bunch of local thrift and consignment shops to search out deals, and fun items to use for crafts! We had a TON of fun and found some great deals! Here is my loot:
I plan to use the cones to make some great candy corn fall decorations I found on Pinterest. The little glass I plan on making a cake stand out of, just have to find the right plate! I also plan to use the books for some blocks, something fun and different!
I can't wait to go again, we already are planning what stores we should hit next time!!
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Homework Horror

I LOVE the routine of the school year, the simple task of someone putting together a schedule for me and having things run smoothly. With set bedtimes and routines, fall sports and fun!
But this HOMEWORK thing is a killer!!
Jake is a go with the flow guy with his homework, he doesn't LOVE it, but does it right when he gets home and is on his way. Emmah on the other hand....It's a battle everynight!! So far we are 3 days in and have had nothing but crying, yelling, stomping of feet and pouting. Something that should take 20-25 mins. is taking us over an hour!
I don't know if everyone else fights this fight, but it is going to be a LONG year if this continues.
What do you do to help with the homework horror??

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First & Third

I don't know how this happens, but somehow my kids keep growing up. I've tried to stop this, but it isn't working! Today the kids start First Grade and Third Grade each are equally excited about their new adventures.

I found this idea on Pinterest...shocking I know, but it seemed like such a great idea to keep record of what the kids likes and dislikes!
I was not so ready, but I was glad to hear they had such wonderful days!!

Monday, September 5, 2011


While the kids are SUPER pumped to head to school, I worry.
While the kids dream of all their wonderful mom-free adventures, I'm anxious.
While the kids anticipate a great year of great fun, even if it includes homework, I'm apprehensive.
Deep down I know this year will be GREAT, but why do I worry...I miss my mom and all the great memories, her great teaching style, laughter and smile. After a rough go last year, I wonder what this year will bring, and although we are in a new place I wonder where that place will take us?
I will keep a positive outlook, but my heart is just not ready yet.