Monday, August 25, 2008

Fierce Competitor

Today was Emmah first soccer practice. It was very fun to watch. Emmah is not in any way afraid of the ball. She is dying to be the goalie!! She jumped in the goal every chance she could. During the scrimmage she was all about the ball, she just has to remember to keep her hands off the ball. She is very excited to play and has her first game in 2 weeks, it should be really funny to see the first game. I have never seen her eat so much in my life after she got done!!

I will definetly get some pics of that first game because trust me the pics will be cute. She looks so cute in her cleats and her shin guards!! I am not sure who is more excited her or me!! Toby did make me promise to keep quiet on the sidelines!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Well Emmah got to go and check out her Kindergarten classroom today and do some testing for them. She had a really good time, but was a little nervous before going in. I know she will have a really good time. She told me that she liked her teacher and thought she was nice, she also said she looking forward to playing with all the centers! I am sad, but excited for her at the same time! Next week is the official Open house so we will all get to check out the classroom and tour the school I know that will be fun for her too! Especially since they have ice cream!! She is a Bloemers and has that Henkel gene too!!! We have started the countdown and she gets to rip off a number everyday, we are also going to practice our morning routine so that she is all set when school starts, hopefully mom will be too!!

It will be interesting to see how Jake reacts at daycare without all the boys and his sister around. He will be the only boy in the mornings, I am thinking that he will find his feminine side for sure cause they are both girly girls! I can't wait to see my son in heels carrying a purse!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Okay as an adult I would kill to have a nap, however my kids just don't like naptime! I don't get it. Emmah feels she is too old for a nap, which is fine since she will have to be awake for school eventually, but Jake thinks he is big stuff and likes to play instead. I am really hoping that he will move past this a take naps a little longer. We'll just have to see.

Emmah goes for her Kindergarten testing this week so that should be fun and interesting to see what she knows. She also gets to find out her teacher on Friday so that will make that exciting too! We officially have a countdown which is 16 days til Kindergarten!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Terrible 3's???

Okay whoever said that 2's were the worst was crazy!! I don't know what happened overnight, but suddenly my sweet lovin little boy has turned into a BIG STINKER!!!!!!! You can't help but love the kid, especially when he does something wrong and then looks at you with those big blue eyes and says "I love you mommy!" What is a mom to do? Emmah just laughs, but I figure that her time will come!

I guess my kids have become experts on the Wii. Both of them can hit took me awhile what is up with that? Emmah also bowled her first Turkey, she was so excited and was jumping around, then Toby asked her if she knew what one was and she said no! He had quite a laugh! Things are never slow here at our house!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Family Time

Today we had the Brown Golf Outing. We had a nice time. The kids got to go swimming, Jake as usual had to be pulled out of the pool with blue lips and chattering teeth! That kid would swim and never get out if we let him, it is quite funny to watch!! We always have a good time catching up with family and eating of course!! Got to love those Aunt Marcia cookies!!!

We are in for some more crazy weeks. Toby is headed down to Kentucky for the week which leaves us up here. The kids miss him a lot, okay me too!! But they have learned a lot of geography, and telephone manners! I am awaiting school starting and looking forward to my job, which has changed slightly. It should be a fun and interesting challenge.

I will try and add some photos sometime this week, but no promises. With the Olympics on I will be watching that, I love that stuff!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Okay way too long!

I know I promised to keep you updated, and I didn't! Anyway Jake has now moved on to 3, and with a lot less hair! Thanks Tob!!! I don't love it at all, but everyone else seems to.

Emmah keeps asking about when school starts, I don't know how I am going to contain her for another month! We have been busy with swimming lessons, VBS, vacation (which we had a wonderful time!!), and work of course!

I started at Coldstone last week and really like it. I will be working a lot with cakes and the catering part. I love to do the cakes, working the stone takes some practice let me tell you!!