Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Well Emmah got to go and check out her Kindergarten classroom today and do some testing for them. She had a really good time, but was a little nervous before going in. I know she will have a really good time. She told me that she liked her teacher and thought she was nice, she also said she looking forward to playing with all the centers! I am sad, but excited for her at the same time! Next week is the official Open house so we will all get to check out the classroom and tour the school I know that will be fun for her too! Especially since they have ice cream!! She is a Bloemers and has that Henkel gene too!!! We have started the countdown and she gets to rip off a number everyday, we are also going to practice our morning routine so that she is all set when school starts, hopefully mom will be too!!

It will be interesting to see how Jake reacts at daycare without all the boys and his sister around. He will be the only boy in the mornings, I am thinking that he will find his feminine side for sure cause they are both girly girls! I can't wait to see my son in heels carrying a purse!!

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