Saturday, August 9, 2008

Family Time

Today we had the Brown Golf Outing. We had a nice time. The kids got to go swimming, Jake as usual had to be pulled out of the pool with blue lips and chattering teeth! That kid would swim and never get out if we let him, it is quite funny to watch!! We always have a good time catching up with family and eating of course!! Got to love those Aunt Marcia cookies!!!

We are in for some more crazy weeks. Toby is headed down to Kentucky for the week which leaves us up here. The kids miss him a lot, okay me too!! But they have learned a lot of geography, and telephone manners! I am awaiting school starting and looking forward to my job, which has changed slightly. It should be a fun and interesting challenge.

I will try and add some photos sometime this week, but no promises. With the Olympics on I will be watching that, I love that stuff!

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