Sunday, March 15, 2009

Painting Problems!

Okay, I've painted before so it's not something new to me. It was really hard to choose the colors, but once I had them picked I was really pleased with what I had picked out. So this weekend I gathered my friends and set out to paint. My mother-in-law and I did some painting earlier this week so that I had a head start since we are painting all 3 bedrooms, both bathrooms, a wall in the living room and a wall in the dining room. (We aren't tackling the basement yet!) So it was an ordinary Saturday and things got started, and then went wrong!

Here is the list of all of our traumas:
  1. First our bedroom, it was going well, but once we started painting you could see all our brush strokes....looked ridiculous! But since I married such a wonderful guy, he fixed it all! It looks beautiful!
  2. Next we have the bathroom. I patched some spots that chipped when we removed the wallpaper. So when we painted you could see every spot. But once we put on the 2nd coat we thought we were going to be okay......but that isn't how are luck works on to number 3!
  3. Next, Jake tried to help paint....he very helpfully painted my cream bead board with camel paint....I was NOT happy! So I cleaned it, which went well. That then lead to number 4!
  4. I went to paint a 3rd coat on the bathroom wall and found a spot I must have missed that was clumpy from Jake's helpful painting. I went to pick it off and the paint peeled right off! Basically the paint did not adhere to the wall and pulled off in big sheets!
  5. On to number 5! Jake wanted a baseball themed room, and I love the comforter he has so I decided to use similar colors. The wall was going to be grey.....but with a original color of periwinkle and a bad painting job it didn't go well. You could see the color thru even with 2 coats, and see where the original painter trimmed the room. It was bad. We did solve the problem by going 2 shades darker and it turned out really great.

I'm not done yet, but hopefully we are done with all the traumas....I can't take anymore! I will have to finish the bathroom the went horribly wrong, and paint the other one. The living room is done as is the dining room, Emmah's room, and our room. So that isn't bad. I will keep you posted on all our exciting decorating adventures!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Things have been pretty crazy around our house for the last few weeks, I mean with moving, and cleaning out two houses who didn't really expect it! Anyway, the kids have really been testing us these last few weeks, and they are just little tests, but they just keep testing! We love them dearly, and they really have done wonderful with the passing of my mom and working to get things cleared out, but every once in awhile.....the testing begins.

I will say that I have seen a big growth in Emmah though, she is really turning into quite the little lady. Jake on the other hand, is a little stinker! He just gives you that look....."who me?" I hope to post some pics of the house once we have it painted, we are doing that this weekend. Emmah has had a lot of fun choosing her room color and new comforter. I also promise to post a video of my great reader Emmah! She is doing a fantastic job reading and thinks she is pretty big stuff that she can read on her own, although she does like mom to still do it sometimes! (Mom likes this too!!)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Moving Mania!

We have been very busy working to clean out my mom's house. Living there for so long she accumulated a lot of stuff. It has been hard sometimes, but also fun to find some of the great things that she saved. I have been able to relive a lot of memories! We are planning to move there in about a month, which is a big task. Because we also have to clean out our who knew how much junk 2 people and 2 kids could accumulate!

I am excited to move there because I have so many good memories there. It will also give us a lot more space. I miss my mom everyday, but know she is in a better place. And hey if anyone feels like cleaning, painting, moving furniture, or helping with the move be sure to let me know!