Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Things have been pretty crazy around our house for the last few weeks, I mean with moving, and cleaning out two houses who didn't really expect it! Anyway, the kids have really been testing us these last few weeks, and they are just little tests, but they just keep testing! We love them dearly, and they really have done wonderful with the passing of my mom and working to get things cleared out, but every once in awhile.....the testing begins.

I will say that I have seen a big growth in Emmah though, she is really turning into quite the little lady. Jake on the other hand, is a little stinker! He just gives you that look....."who me?" I hope to post some pics of the house once we have it painted, we are doing that this weekend. Emmah has had a lot of fun choosing her room color and new comforter. I also promise to post a video of my great reader Emmah! She is doing a fantastic job reading and thinks she is pretty big stuff that she can read on her own, although she does like mom to still do it sometimes! (Mom likes this too!!)

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