Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Homework Horror

I LOVE the routine of the school year, the simple task of someone putting together a schedule for me and having things run smoothly. With set bedtimes and routines, fall sports and fun!
But this HOMEWORK thing is a killer!!
Jake is a go with the flow guy with his homework, he doesn't LOVE it, but does it right when he gets home and is on his way. Emmah on the other hand....It's a battle everynight!! So far we are 3 days in and have had nothing but crying, yelling, stomping of feet and pouting. Something that should take 20-25 mins. is taking us over an hour!
I don't know if everyone else fights this fight, but it is going to be a LONG year if this continues.
What do you do to help with the homework horror??

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Sara said...

Honestly, we let her have her way and then suffer the consequences at school for not turning it in. Here they have "fun Friday" IF they get all their homework done and turned in on time and don't get into trouble at all. If they don't, they have to sit on the side of the classroom and watch their friends have fun. it didn't take her long to change her attitude about homework:)