Saturday, September 17, 2011

Family Rules

Being a crafty girl I follow A LOT of sites, blogs, etc. always looking for the next BIG idea or crafty project! About a month ago or so on GroopDealz they had a really cool family rules sign. I wanted one, but wasn't sure I wanted to pay the shipping (it was kinda high just for one item). Lucky for me a friend of mine posted something on facebook about ordering so as a group of 3 we ordered and saved.
It arrived the other day and I LOVE it!! It fits perfectly with my gallery wall and forced a little rearranging.
Here is my new sign:
Funny that in the last couple of days as my kids have been fighting I quickly remind them of our family rules!!


cara's creations said...

I bought this same Family Rules from Group it!!!! :) I think I'm going to have the kids memorize them. :)

Kate B. said...

Yep!! Too funny, but somehow that doesn't surprise me we have very similar taste!