Sunday, September 27, 2009

The craziness continues!! We have been so busy lately so I apologize for not posting sooner!!

Emmah is loving 1st grade and all the fun things they are learning. She is becoming quite responsible. I am so proud of her! She got to go to Cranes Apple Orchard with her class this week and had so much fun! They did some stories with apples and math too. To finish up on Friday they made applesauce, which she thought was a BLAST!! (However she didn't like the taste of it!!) Next week she will start coach pitch softball, she is super excited about this, and I will be sure to post some pics!!

Jake is fully enjoying preschool and wants to go pretty much everyday! He is doing great and seems to have adjusted well to no napping, although towards the end of the week, he gets a little crabby! He is LOVING soccer and just can't get enough. We are going to have to find something for him to do when it is done in a couple weeks. On days he doesn't have school he does miss his sister though, so it is kinda cute.

I have been crazy busy with my blocks!! I did a craft show this past weekend, and think that it went pretty well. I am looking to do a couple more in the next couple months as well. It took a lot of prep work and now I have learned a lot about how to set up and what to make and have on hand. I am enjoying work and keeping myself busy with that as well. Many of the teachers are allowing me to take on some responsibility of planning and that is fun, without being overwhelming.

Toby is working hard and enjoying all his fall sports!! College football is a favorite and with Michigan being 3-0 it makes it even better. He may be heading to Nebraska for work, which could throw our schedule into complete crazy, but we'll see we haven't heard anything so far.

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