Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hi, Howdy, and Hello

"Hi" I have finally decided that the family should join the computer age!! Since we have family and friends that live far and near and don't talk to all of you enough I figured this would be a fast and easy way to keep everyone up to date! I hope that everyone enjoys keeping up with us!!

So here is what has been going on with the Bloemers.....well Emmah finished Preschool and is very excited to start Kindergarten in the fall! (Mom is not so ready!!) She took dance again this year and got to do tap for the first time, now that was interesting. Emmah liked it a lot and can't wait for it to start again! It may have something to do with one of her boyfriends being in the same class, but I can't say for sure! Jake is getting BIGGER by the minute and keeps us guessing. He is definetly ALL BOY!!! Any sport there is he loves it especially baseball and basketball, he is pretty sure that daddy should play everynight!!

Tob and I are staying busy as usual. Tob is playing softball two nights a week, which is not only fun for him, but for the kids as well! I am looking for a summer job, to go along with my jewelry business. I have to find something to keep myself busy! I have also decided to start my own scrapbooking business, where I will make scrapbook pages or albums for people. These are made to order and designed around the particular customer. I am so excited to start this, I mean does it get any better to turn my hobby into a business???

Okay, well that is a start and I will try to update as often as I can. Can't wait to share things with all of you!

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