Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year In Review

Okay, I figured since this is my first attempt at a blog, and I haven't been doing this for a year yet it would be hard to reflect on my blog a year ago so I thought what better thing then to highlight some of the highs in our family!

1. My mom is doing much better and on the road to recovery!
2. Emmah lost her first teeth!!!
3. Jake is potty training!!!
4. Emmah started Kindergarten, is it possible I have a 5 year old?
5. We are all happy and healthy.

I know kinda lame, but hey what can we say! Hope everyone has a happy and safe new year!

1 comment:

Katie, Kevin and kids said...

A 5 year old! Kindergarten! Potty Training! A healthier mom! Not lame at all Kate:)
Happy New Year!