Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Well we made it through are first parent-teacher conference and nobody cried (meaning mom). She is doing great which is what we hoped to hear. She is right where she should be academically and is adjusting pretty well to school in general. She has her very first field trip on Friday to the Pumpkin Patch, don't worry the camera is going with dad, I just hope he remembers to take some pictures.

Both kids have stuffy noses, so they aren't feeling great. Which means earlier bedtimes and some cranky kids! What can you do it's that time of year. We are hoping to go pick apples this weekend and Emmah has her last soccer game. We are also headed to GVSU vs. Hillsdale football game on Saturday night. This will be Emmah first college game and she gets to see Ross!! It should be fun.

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