Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Today was a bittersweet day!

I woke up to a delicious breakfast muffin, served by 3 of my most favorite people! After breakfast we just hung was nice, no fighting, just talking and playing! I had my in-laws over for lunch, and it turned out pretty good! (Although there was a close call on the side of a breakdown, I have never cooked a beef roast and it was one of those times you would call mom for directions)

After we finished lunch, we chatted and then headed out with the kids downtown to Kinderplaats. (For those who aren't local it is Tulip Time, a local festival, in Holland, it is pretty cool and I really enjoy most of it!) They have tons to do, like jumping inflatables, fire trucks, inflatable obstacle courses, it has it all! Kids had a blast and the weather was great!!

On the way home we drove to visit mom...not where I would like to though. We placed some flowers at her niche. It was nice to go as a family. I really miss her and today gets even harder when you try to celebrate being a mom, when you are missing yours...

I will share some photos tomorrow of my special cards and gifts!! Happy Mother's Day to all!

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