Friday, May 6, 2011

Special Mom's

I know that many of you out there know some great mom's well in honor of Mother's Day...I think we should hear about them. I wanted to let you know about some of the special mom's in my life!!

Anita-My mother-in-law is a great mom!! She is always there when we need her most, and is a GREAT grandma! My kids love her...and her cooking is delish. I will admit she is always there for a good laugh too (even if it is at my expense!)

Candice-She is the mother of 5, and does a great job juggling all her responsibilities! I don't know how she does it, but she does and does it well!! I know that I can always look to her for some parenting advice, because well she's been there done that...and who doesn't look for some experience when they ask for advice! She is one of my best friends too, which makes her all the more special!!

Katie-Although I don't know her super well, I know enough to know that she is one AWESOME mom!! She is always there to make the most of her memories and blog about it too! Even when life throws her a curve ball she is up for it and takes it all in stride. Her faith is amazing and I strive to be right there with her!

Mary-My sister (I know I have more than one, and I love you all!!) Even though she is states away she is always checking on me, including me, and sending me her love! I know she is there no matter what and I love that my family gets to make great memories with hers. She made the first Christmas without my mom, a great memory even though we were missing someone special!

Kim-My friend!! Always there, and totally understands when my child has an issue. I know she knows exactly what I'm dealing with and will love me anyway! Great to meet for coffee, and I'm sure eventually with our daughters a drink!!

Now let me say, I have only chosen a few of the special mom's in my life...want to know some more??? Well here you go...I am thankful for Wendy, Renee, Jen, Jamie, Amy, Stephanie, Jill, Melissa, Lynn (at least real soon!) Lindsay and Sue. There are also countless others who contribute to my life daily and I appreciate you all, you better know who you are!! Find the special mom's in your life and thank them...

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ABC and 123: A Learning Cooperative said...

Kate, you are an amazing mom! Thanks so much for the very kind words. They are treasured for sure and I am so thankful to be able to "do motherhood" with a friend like you!