Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tulips are "Bloem"ing

Well it is Tulip Time here in Holland and that means tons of tourist, crazy weather, delicious food, beautiful flowers and festivly dressed Dutch people...or those who pretend to be since they live in Holland!
We headed downtown to brave the crowds on Tuesday night and meet Auntie, Steve and Kayden there as well as Mimi & Papa to watch some dutch dancing and catch a delicous snack from the venders (One of the greatest parts of Tulip Time in my opinion!!) I even managed a few pics!
 Then on Thursday was the Kinderparade...this parade is where local elementary students get to walk in their Dutch costumes. It is always cute and fun to watch. I walked this parade many times as a kid, and even when I was older to help out my mom's school. Emmah walked for the second year in a row, and Jake was a little jealous (guess I am walking next year!) I love how much she enjoys this, and of course looks ADORABLE in her costume! This year she even wore the costume that my mom made for me as a kid, it was pretty cool to see even if it was a little big!

Also how do we like the new blog design??? I LOVE it!! If you are ever in need of one, Kim @ seven thirty one--creative blog design is the place to go. Not only is she great to work with she was decently priced and fast!! Thanks Kim!!



glennandanita said...

Your father and mother in law were there Tuesday night also :>)

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Fantastic pictures, looks like so much fun!