Sunday, May 15, 2011

Decor To Do

As you know I have been on a real kick to get my house fully decorated, and my list just keeps getting longer...after 2 years I finally finished up Jake's room and added all the final details and it looks pretty good (I'll post some pics soon!) Well I have finally decided to get into Emmah's room and since she has given me some details that she would like to see, it makes it a little easier!
She has settled on Paris/French! We added a vinyl Eiffel Tower, and now I am on a mission to find the perfect chair. I want to change out her dresser and get her a smaller one, and then add some wall art and a mirror. One of the best finds is an awesome foam chandelier from Hobby Lobby. It is meant for decoration, but will look great in her corner right above a chair.
I would LOVE something like this...only maybe in a black and turquoise?? I want to find something vintage, yet french and shabby chic all at the same time! Now to hit the second hand stores!
This is the cute is this???
I just can't wait to get it all together, now I have to find the right and yet cheaply affordable dresser! I have fun wall art planned too! Can't wait!


Ewin said...

Love the chandelier! I will have to tell you when the Eiffel Tower goes clearance at work. It sounds like it will fit perfect.

Kate B. said...

That will be AWESOME!!