Monday, April 4, 2011

Repurposed (A T-shirt dress tutorial!)

As I am sure you have noticed I have been on a real sewing kick lately!! There have been many of site and projects that I have bookmarked in the past that required sewing. I am now starting to get to those projects!!
Not too long ago I found a GREAT tutorial on how to make an upcycled t-shirt dress. I just LOVED the way it looked. So this week I finally got to making it!! I started by picking out a few of Toby's old shirts that we were going to donate. I didn't have much for color choice, but that worked out okay. I also used a t-shirt of mine, that I bought way too big. Next I cut the t-shirts into 2 sets (front and back set) 5" strips, using the bottom of a shirt for the last strip, then you don't have to hem your dress! Depending on what length you want will determine strip with and the number of strips you will want. (You'll want to make sure that they are as wide as the shirt you plan to use on top and depending on whether you want a A-line or not they will need to get wider; I cut most of mine about 15-18" wide with the top one being 13" which was the width of my top) I also decided to embellish a couple of them, just like in the tutorial with some fabric paint and stamps!

Once I got all the strips how I wanted them, I pinned them together. Because I wanted to have a rough edge I pinned the wrong sides together. This way there is a small seam on the outside of the dress. Now that I had them all pinned I sewed them together. (At this point don't worry about your length of your strips) Then when they are all sewn together, using a rotary cutter you can cut them into an A-line. I then sewed the two sides together by putting the right sides together, and then added the top t-shirt again placing the seam on the outside. Once that was all done I added an embellishment to the top, it was from my shirt I used, fit the colors and added just the right spunk!

Here is the final look, modeled by my spunking little miss! She just cracks me up and was ever so excited to try this dress on! She can hardly wait to wear it!


Katie said...

You're awesome! I tried this idea once last summer and it did not turn out any thing like I hoped and/or as cute as yours did. Way to go! Don't know if you're up for it, but I could use a conversation with you about WW sometimes. I'm feeling a bit stagnant and would love some renewed enthusiasm from you;)

Anonymous said...

You continue to amaze me. I'm in awe. Do you make big-girl sizes, too?

Kate B. said...

Katie I would LOVE to chat with you about WW. It has been a challenge here and there, but overall easy to do for my family! Call me anytime!

Jen...not sure it would be hard to measure remember I use tutorials!

Christina said...

I am making a maxi style dress using this idea for me using up some of my old tshirts. I sewed the stripes together to make the fabric and then used a shift dress pattern for the general shaping. Sewed the bottom to a shortened Tshirt I like and voila! Super cute cool summer dress.