Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Wreath (A new obsession!!)

It seems that since November I have been spying some pretty spectacular wreaths out there in craft blog world. I see them almost every week and want to make them all!! Well, I decided it was okay to at least have one for each season/holiday so I got started on one for spring/Easter. I just LOVE the one that Jen from Tatertots & Jello made at Valentine's Day and have been dying to try it myself so I finally gave it a go. So I forgot to take pics of the supplies, but here is what you need: 1. Flat foam or styrofoam wreath form 2. Coordinating ribbon 3. Cupcake liners (2 pks) 4. Hot glue gun To begin wrap your wreath form with your coordinating ribbon. It should look something like the one below.

Next you will want to gather the bottom of the cupcake liner and begin glueing them on to the wreath. As in Jen's tutorial, I too did small bunches and you do have to hold them in place for a minute.

Continue to do this all the way around the wreath moving from spot to spot (gaps in between bunches) then go back and fill it in till your wreath is as full as you want it. I think this step took me about 1-2 hours, but I did it while I watched T.V so I was a little distracted! When you have that all done you can add a flower detail. There are multiple options for this part. I chose to use some of the cupcake liners to make a flower, but you could do a fabric, felt or anything else that tickles your fancy!

Here is a look at my final product! I don't have one of it hanging, but promise to add one once my door is painted. It will just look so much better then it does now!! To hang it I hot glued ribbon to the top (two strands the same length) then tied them into a bow. It looks great and very springy.

Happy Crafting!!


Building It On Pennies said...

What a cute wreath! Looks easy and cheap.

Selina said...

What a cute blog! This is a sweet tutorial. Thanks for stopping by my blog.....come back again :-)

Kate B. said...

Thanks ladies!!

Marie said...

Wow! Looks easy to make and fun too! Found your project via Tip Junkie... just linked my project there too. :-)