Monday, April 4, 2011

A Day with Jake

Today I spent the day with just Jake. Although I get to spend some afternoons with him, we hardly get to do whatever he wants, since usually there are appointments, errands and chores to do. Well today he got the whole day all to himself. He was the event planner...and we had fun!! To start the day we dropped Emmah off at daycare and headed out. We first went to sign Jake up for hockey, he was super excited, and a little disappointed that there would be no puck or stick! Then it was off to bowling!! He is always bugging to go and so when it came to be his choice of activities bowling it was! As we got settled on the lane he went first and starts off his game with a spare!! Really?? I was actually a little worried about at least making a fare showing... After some bowling we headed to McDonalds for some lunch! He even got to get a shake with his lunch and that made lunch all the better. We chatted about superheroes, sports, and how much food he was eating! After lunch we headed back home to play some Super Mario Bros. Wii! I did really pitiful, but he had a good time making fun of me! All in all it was a nice day to spend some time with just Jake. I love that kid!! He is really funny and I want him to know just how special he is to me!! *Next up is Emmah! She gets to go on Wednesday...I can only imagine what we will do!!

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