Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Things I love

  1. My husband, he is wonderful even if I don't tell him very often! He can read me like a book and knows just what to do.
  2. My kids, they may drive me crazy somedays, but there are definetly days when I would go crazy without them!
  3. My family, I have a great extended family, very loving, caring, and fun!
  4. Babies, love them even if they stay up all night!
  5. The sound of rain, it so peaceful, and a good thunderstorm is also enjoyable!
  6. My job! I love who I work with and what I am doing, it is so rewarding!
  7. My friends, I have some pretty awesome friends who are always there when ever you need them, and always keep the good times rolling!
  8. My mom, she was an incredible woman and I am trying to be half the mom she was, but the sewing and cooking skills seem to be non-exsistent....
  9. God, he has blessed me with so many things and for that I am thankful.

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