Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I have been meaning to post this and just keep forgetting, so here you go! Emmah wanted to do a sports activity this fall, and since mom was too slow we missed out on soccer and so when there was an opportunity to play softball she was thrilled.

She did t-ball this summer, but this would be different this would be coach pitch. She was even more thrilled! Then it was more like how daddy plays...

Well because we live in Michigan and strangly enough it was a cold fall, they didn't get many games in. There were rained out twice. They had one week of just practice and then played games against each other. It was more to teach them some techniques and work to develop skills. A great opportunity if you ask me. She LOVED every minute of this. She is now more excited then ever to play this summer. I love that she loves it even if she isn't the best player she always goes out to have fun and play ball!

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