Saturday, October 17, 2009

Field Trip

On Thursday Jake got to take his very first field trip. This was a momentous occastion on so many levels. Firstly he got to ride on a gigantic bus, just like his sister. Although we were a little disappointed when it wasn't the same number. This was HUGE, they all looked so small and were so excited they could hardly sit down during the whole ride there!

Our trip was to the pumpkin patch. This too was very exciting seeing Jake himself had never been, we have gone to get pumpkins, but not at the actual patch before. They took a hayride and the driver was nice to give them various bits of information along the way, at their level so they understood. It was quite educational for all, including this mom who didn't know some of that stuff!!

They all got to pick out a pumpkin, and 2 gourds. Tough choices but we did finally decide on what one we wanted. However the highlight of the entire trip would have been the fact that Jake got to sit on the tractor and pretend to drive. He even told his teacher he was driving them back! It was a really fun trip and Jake couldn't wait to share what he got with Dad and Emmah!

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