Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Batter Up!

Emmah has been waiting for years to play T-ball and this year she finally got her chance!! She was so excited, even for practice!! Her team is the Blue Jays, and she is playing with a bunch of her friends from school so that makes it even more fun!

Well last night was the first game. Although she has been asking since their last practice (which was Wed.) when is my game....what time is it at again? Who is coming to watch?? Needless to say Monday was a long day!!!

Emmah couldn't have had more fun at her game! She loved every minute of it, except when some meanie tagged her out at second base!! (Those were her words by the way, and she came back to the bench crying....) She managed to pull herself together to play the rest of the game, but didn't like that part at all. I guess we know what we need to work on. She played Centerfield, and did more nail biting than fielding, but had fun doing it! Now she is hooked for sure....I guess I just doubled the number of games I will be going to in the summer!

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