Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer has just begun!

As the summer starts things start to get crazy! This summer we are going to be busy, but it should be a lot of fun!! To start off the summer Emmah will be playing T-ball for the first time. She is so excited to play, and practice starts tomorrow! Both kids are going to VBS this summer, and taking swimming lessons! This is a first for Jake he hasn't been old enough for either one yet, so he is pumped to go.

Among the usual BBQ's, fireworks, birthday parties, softball games, trips for ice cream, swimming at the pool, and all that fun we are taking our first BIG family vacation. We are headed to Florida, and are going to fly! The kids are super excited to fly on a BIG plane, which should be an interesting adventure for all of us! (The kids don't know it yet, but we are also planning to hit Disney while we are there too!!)

Overall I am really looking forward to making some fun family memories! It will be a little different this summer without my mom, but I know we will get through. We have truly been blessed and for that we are thankful! What are you doing this summer to make memories???

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Katie said...

Thanks for coming by and for your kind words! Love your blocks, are you Katie's friend that's starting the new business? They look very fun!

Love your T-ball player, she's too cute and how exciting for her to finally be playing and now watching!