Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snowed In

Well, the last 2 days here have been snow days.....I feel like yesterday we were just practicing and today is the REAL thing. They predicted horrible weather to start around noon yesterday, let's just say by 10ish at night we started to see some snow! Oh well, we did get some much needed things done and enjoyed a family movie.

I have a new favorite, albeit a tear jerker in parts, UP! It was really cute, and the kids liked it too! We made a few stops and got some Christmas shopping done, although not all we were hoping for and even got some groceries to bake and keep stocked up. I do feel pretty accomplished after the two days, I finished up some block orders, printed some labels for shipping, baked (Yes, I said baked!), did some laundry (I figure if I keep caught up maybe it won't be so bad when we get back from vacation....fat chance!), did the dishes and had fun with some play-doh with the kids!

The kids are loving it, and for being locked up pretty much for 2 days are not fighting...I think I just jinxed myself......and are having fun with each other. Later we will do some Christmas cookies, but not as many as usual. Just some sugar cookies we can leave out for Santa in case he leaves some presents here....better safe then sorry!

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