Tuesday, February 2, 2010

moving on

We are moving on and moving up. We are working to get things cleaned up and out of our house. There will be a dumpster arriving on Friday and we have some people coming in to fix a couple things as well. We surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, have things still there, but we figured that if we haven't missed it yet we don't need it!

In a way I am a little sad to be saying goodbye to the house, this was our first house. Where we had our first Christmas, the house we made a home together, the house where we brought our babies home to, and the place of so many GREAT and wonderful memories. How do you say goodbye to such an important part of your past....it will always live on in our memories and in pictures, but we have new memories to make.

The new memories will be wonderful and will be GREAT too! Our new house already comes with memories and first as well so we will build on those.

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