Thursday, May 20, 2010

An Empty Spot

As spring moves into summer we enjoy all the beautiful weather, the end of the school year activities, and all that spring sports and family time has to offer, but there is always an empty spot.

As you watch your daughter play soccer, whizzing and whirling around the other players...there is an empty spot.

When your son makes the goofiest face and explains to you that if you want that new car all you have to do is have daddy take you to the new car store...there is an empty spot.

As you prepare for you son's preschool graduation and the BIG move to Kindergarten...there is an empty spot.

When look around your yard trying to decide where to start...there is an empty spot

Something needs to be sewn, or you have a new project you are dying to try, but there is that sewing part....there is an empty spot.

Since Mother's Day that empty spot has become a very large spot. I have struggled to look beyond it, but it is always still there. It is a spot that will never be full again. They say it will get better with time, but how much time?? I know that I will truly never forget, but sometimes I hold onto trying to remember. I want my children to know every story, every joke, and every wonderful thing about their Memah so amoung tears I share the stories, the jokes, and the wonderful truths that were my mom. I hope they can carry her with them just as I do every day.

And though she is not here in person, I know that really she is there for every special moment that we share, she is the sunshine on an otherwise dreary day, she the flower blossom that has somehow still survived living at my house, she is the delicious treats I make for special occasions, and raindrops when I am feeling blue. I love you mom...

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