Friday, June 18, 2010

Take me out to the ballgame...

Emmah is HUGE Pudge Rodriguez fan and has been since he played for the Tigers, we have had to follow him from team to team which has been a little depressing for Emmah, but she has managed well. Well we decided one night that we should surprise the kids and take them to a Tigers game and why not make it twice as nice and make it a game against Pudge's current team! So we talked to some family and got plans all set.

Yesterday was the big day and we surprised them twice and were even surprised ourselves! Once we got into the city of Detroit Emmah figured it out that we were going to a game, but then when we parked they were surprised to see their Aunt Mary, Uncle Scott and cousin Shelby! (She was our surprise...we were expecting her brother!)

As we started walking to the field we explained to Emmah and Jake that they were playing Pudges' team, that's when the cheering and jumping began! All in all it was a beautiful day and we enjoyed a great Tigers win! They loved it and have already said they want to go back again soon!

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