Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Ever feel like you are so far behind, yet you seem so far ahead? That is where I am at right now. In getting ready for the school year and all the new tasks it brings as well as getting ready for the busy craft show and holiday season I feel more behind then ever!

We started the year off slow and with some changes to Emmah's meds it has proved to be a HUGE challenge getting back into things. As a mom you want to make things right and fix things for you kids, but as my husband correctly put it sometimes they have to learn it for themselves or they aren't going to learn it! This is very true with Emmah we can only do so much for her and then she has to take charge and lead the way. I feel so challenged by her and frustrated at the same time. After a HUGE meltdown on my part I think I have come to the place I should have been all along...SHE has to figure it out. I can do my part, but the majority of the responsibility is hers and hers alone.

I worry that people won't see her for the bright, spunky, energized, beautiful girl she is and get the wrong idea about her, as her dad said "well that is their loss!" It is their loss, she is so full of life and if they don't take the time to see that then they are missing out on one beautiful person. I hope that things will turn the right direction and that we can lead her to a path where she can be sucessfull.

Times like these I miss my mom...

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