Friday, January 11, 2013

New Year

I can hardly believe that it is already 2013....WOW!!
As a family we had a really nice holiday, we spent time together, shared some food and laughter and started a few new traditions!!
We even got a special Florida visitor for a week!! My kids were super surprised and excited that their cousin Shelby came to stay with us for a week!! (I have to add that I was too!!!!)
I feel this should be said as well. You know those things that happen when you get together as a family, the jokes, the laughter, the love...I am truly blessed to say my kids will have some GREAT memories of spending time with family. I LOVE how much my kids, although there is quite an age gap, are a part of their cousins lives. My kids talk about them all the time as well as aunts and uncles.
I have some of those same memories and LOVE the fact that mine with have some if not many more of their own!
Starting our year out...I have gotten crafty already, tried some new recipes, and enjoyed my NEW CRAFT ROOM!!!!!
So much to share...but to start the year, be thankful for those close to you, those not so close to you, and those who have passed. The memories you have and make are yours forever and no one can take those go out and create some memories!

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